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We have several publications that we sell throughout our website. Here, in one place, are links to all of them.

Recommended Reading
and Viewing
(Metal and PMC)

Books by Friends and Customers

Volcano Arts Publications

Patina Basics DVD

DVD: Patina Basics By Tim McCreight
Patina Basics, Tim McCreight's seventh full-length instructional video is an entertaining presentation that demystifies the materials and procedures used to create rich colors on metal. Reviewers have been impressed with the range of results that can be achieved with simple household chemicals. McCreight's relaxed presentation and common-sense approach opens the world of patinas to metalsmiths and jewelers at all levels of experience.

The DVD includes seven downloadable pages with recipes and instructions, and a PDF file for an 18" x 24" poster.

$30.00 ea.


Booklet: Coloring Base Metals
By Christine Cox
Chock-full of metal coloring ideas, this booklet includes instructions and sample photos for patinas, paints, colored pencils and much more from metalsmith Christine Cox.

$20.00 ea.

Better together
Patina Basics
DVD By Tim McCreight
Coloring Base Metals Booklet By Christine Cox

The world of color awaits you in these two powerful resources. Explore coloring copper, brass, nickel-silver and other base metal projects with easy to find, household chemicals and art supplies.

Save 10%
for both


No further discounts available on this item

DVD: Quick Takes: PMC Basics by Tim McCreight

Tim McCreight teamed up with the progressive design team at White Dog Arts to create an instructional video that breaks new ground with Precious Metal Clay (PMC). The breakthrough here is the use of digital technology to present information modules that can be controlled by the viewer. Instead of the usual start-here-end-there progression, QuickTakes: PMC Basics consists of 30 short clips, or takes, each addressing a specific aspect of PMC. The key to the concept is a console that displays full navigational options at all times. Using either a DVD player with a TV or a computer (Mac or PC), viewers can click through the seven chapters, moving through each short segment with a click.



  • DVD; 70 minutes
  • for video players, Mac, & PC
  • unique navigational matrix
Complete Metalsmith DVD DVD: The Complete Metalsmith with Tim McCreight
This is it! This is the original video from 1989 now in DVD format. The video helped fuel the current interest in metalsmithing. Based on the book by the same name, this DVD will teach you all the basics of metalsmithing as only watching someone else can. Master metalsmith Tim McCreight walks you through the basics of sawing, filing, soldering, drilling and so much more. No region code. It plays in any country.



Forging Basics DVD

Forging Basics: Hammering Skills for Metalsmiths by Tim McCreight

The success of McCreight's previous videos comes largely from his wealth of information and relaxed presentation. Both are on display again in his latest video, Forging Basics. True to the name, this highly instructive video focuses on the fundamentals of moving metal with a hammer. Through a half dozen exercises and three finished samples, he leads viewers on an impassioned survey of what can be done with a striking tool. Chapters include Tools, Strategies, and Finishing.

  • 90 minutes running time

Forging Basics DVD


Chasing & Repoussť

Chasing and Repoussť by Nancy Megan Corwin

Virtually every culture with a history of metalsmithing has demonstrated accomplished work in the complementary techniques of chasing and repoussť. From delicate Hellenic earrings to works as massive as the Statue of Liberty, the use of hammers and punches to form and ornament metal remains as vibrant today as it has in its 5,000 year history.

This lavishly illustrated book provides first-time artists with enough information to get started, but also offers advanced workers insights into design and process. Almost 500 photos and drawings guarantee not only clear instruction but bounteous inspiration

  • 8 by 10 3/4 inches
  • 184 pages
  • hard cover, dust jacket
  • full color

Chasing and Repoussť


Learn to make your own chasing tools

Foldforming, Charles Lewton-Brain
  • Foldforming by Charles Lewton-Brain

    More than 20 years ago, Canadian goldsmith Charles Lewton-Brain invented a radical way to develop forms in metal sheet. In the ensuing decades, he has led hundreds of metalsmiths to explore and expand on his pioneering work. Now for the first time, the results of those efforts are compiled into a comprehensive review. With practical techniques and over 450 photographs, this groundbreaking book sets a standard for breadth, authority, and inspiration.

    8 by 10.5 inches
  • 160 pages, full color
  • hardcover with dust jacket
  • 450+ photos



Christine Cox
Foldformed, patinated sterling bracelet

Professional Jewelry Making, Alan Revere

Professional Jewelry Making: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Techniques by Alan Revere

When master goldsmith Alan Revere published Professional Goldsmithing in 1991, he brought traditional European trade education to the US for the first time, adapting it for an American audience. The book was a best seller and quickly became a standard text in the field. To mark the 20th anniversary of this groundbreaking work, Revere and Brynmorgen Press offer a revised and expanded edition that includes new projects, scores of new photos, and a handsome new layout. What hasn't changed is the precise instruction that makes this edition a fitting testament to its predecessor.

  • 360 pages, full color
  • 8.5" by 11" inches
  • hard cover, dust jacket
  • more than 800 photos

Professional Jewelry Making


Recommended Reading

These are books published by Volcano Arts. Follow the links to add them to your Volcano Arts shopping cart.

Coloring Base Metals: A Practical Guide by Christine Cox (Foreword by Tim McCreight), 34 pages

This excellent self-published booklet is full of 24 recipes and techniques, plus 5 ways of sealing color onto base metals. Though simple in presentation and language, this booklet is for working metalsmiths as well as for beginners. Experienced, easy-to-follow advice from metalsmith Christine Cox and pages of color photos show colored brass, copper and nickel silver and photos of finished pieces to inspire you. It's chock-full of coloring ideas including patinas, paints, colored pencils and much, much more. Best of all, no special equipment or particularly hard-to-find chemicals are needed for the techniques.

Our Metal Journal Idea Book is chock-full of ideas and how-tos for making your metal and leather journal unique. There are ideas on how to decorate your covers and spine and also instructions for how to use various tools, oxidizer, etc.

Etching metal (copper, brass, nickel) is surprisingly easy and, other than the etchant, you can do it using only house-hold items! No special equipment is required. Our 20-page Metal Etching How-To and Idea Book covers how to prepare, etch and finish metals. It assumes that you have access to Ferric Chloride (available at most computer stores - resources listed in booklet).

This is NOT a how-to book. It is for those who already know how to marble and need a quick reference for how to create some of the patterns.

This is the booklet Christine uses in her Marbled Paper class. It shows the combing/raking patterns for the following patterns:

  • Stone

  • Gel Git

  • Zebra

  • Waved Gel Git

  • Peacock

  • Angel Fish

  • Nonpareil

  • Waved Icarus

  • French Curl

  • Bouquet

  • There are also sections on recommended reading and recipes.

PMC Decade PMC Decade: The First Ten Years of Precious Metal Clay By Tim McCreight
It has been ten years since Mitsubishi Materials Corporation developed and patented Precious Metal Clay. The first decade of PMC has seen tremendous growth, not only in the development of additional forms of the material, but in the innovative ways that artists are using metal clay to create unique and exciting works. This high quality presentation book will be the first to showcase the best work being done around the world.
  • 256 pages, 8.5" by 10"
  • hardcover with dust jacket
  • more than 250 color photos
  • critical essay by Donald Friedlich
  • technical essay by Darnall Burks
  • detailed illustrated chronology



Student version"Complete Metalsmith" by Tim McCreight
This revised edition has become a standard text for classes and self-starters around the world. The clear layout and concise format give the help you need in practical terms you can understand. Some people call it the most useful tool on their bench.
  • Student Edition (simplified version)
    The Student Edition has a soft cover that is very durable in the Studio. Its inexpensive price is perfect for the student.

Complete Metalsmith (student version)

Professional Edition (expanded version)

The Professional Edition is much expanded and has a beautiful hardcover which is covered in a heavy duty book cloth.


Custom Knifemaking by Tim McCreight
This helpful book demystifies the ancient art of bladesmithing for contemporary knife makers. Following chapters on tools, set up and sheath making the book provides 10 projects of increasing complexity to lead either beginning or advanced metalworkers into this exciting discipline.

Custom Knifemaking

All book, video and publication sales are final (unless there is a manufacturing problem).