Weller Bench Top Smoke Absorber

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Acid flux, leaded solder, copper oxides, blech! It’s fun to solder but play safely! The fumes are not only smelly, some are toxic.

Using lead-free solder helps but protect yourself and others further by using a “fume trap” or smoke absorber. Set it right next to your work (or on top, if you are soldering a large panel) and it will filter the air and give you peace of mind. The Weller Bench Top Smoke Absorber removes flux fumes from soldering work bench

This is a high quality product covered by Weller’s manufacturer’s guarantee.

  • Great for workspaces using lead or lead-free solder
  • Fumes are absorbed by the carbon activated filter (one filter included). Replacement filters available.
  • Fan is quiet and will not add significant noise to your workspace
  • Stand allows the smoke absorber to be adjusted to varying angles
  • ESD safe
Weller Bench Top Smoke Absorber

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Weight 4.5 lbs


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