Volcano Arts Teflon Paper Folder


This folder is made out of state-of-the-art Teflon® and is so comfortable to use when folding and compressing signatures and when manipulating paper on boxes and books. Glue won’t stick to it, and it’s refined enough for folding delicate papers and origami. It’s heavier than a bone folder and makes folding heavier papers like handmade, cardstock or watercolor a LOT easier.

The Volcano Arts Folder has angles engineered for getting into corners and small areas and it’s very comfortable to hold. It’s perfect for bookbinding (you can’t beat it for folding paper, parchment and vellum) and also for box-making, origami, pergamano, and pottery. In fact, it was inspired by a potter’s tool!

Try it. You’ll love it!
Every angle of this tool was designed by book artist Christine Cox. This is the BEST tool for folding your lightest to heaviest papers, and it’s lovely for folding cardstock. Now you can easily fold several sheets of text weight paper at once. Really!

Don’t abuse your new tool
This is a finely hand-crafted tool, meant for bookbinding and other non-destructive processes. Do not use it with copper mesh or other hard or sharp materials. As with any handmade tool, please allow for small differences.

Volcano Arts Teflon Paper Folder


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