Pounding Mat For Metalsmiths


Choose from small (5″ by 5″) or large (12″ by 12″)

It’s a great multi-purpose tool (our favorite kind). Pounding Mat is made from dense rubber. Not only does it protect your work table from scratches caused by bench blocks and equipment, it also protects it from inadvertent cuts and the compression caused by hammering. Any being weaker than Superman couldn’t accidentally cut through this stuff. Your table is safe!

The best thing is that it’s sound absorbing (are your ears ringing from hammering metal?). We use these in the Studio and appreciate the difference in the sound level.

Pounding Mat For Metalsmiths


Note: The pounding mats are cut by hand. As the rubber is very dense it’s nearly impossible to cut it in a straight line. The mats aren’t pretty but they are very useful! Colors vary.

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Small 5" by 5", Large 12" x 12"


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