Pistol Grip Glass Cutter


There’s nothing like a pistol grip cutter and Toyo is known for their quality, comfort, and control. Use it for straight or curved cuts. The performance will impress you!

Note: Use Cutter Oil to lubricate cutter. Directions and filler included.

  • Protective cap is included.
  • Colors vary. Please, let us choose.  Feel free to express a preference in the comments section of the shopping cart – if we have the color in stock, you’ll get it.
Pistol Grip Glass Cutter


Craft Tip

Inevitably all glass cutters leak oil. I have the perfect solution; don’t put oil in it! This sounds risky as using the cutter without oil will damage it.

So, I still use oil but instead of putting cutter oil inside the cutter, I just saturate a soft cloth in cutter oil and then store it in a tiny plastic to-go container. Before each stroke of the cutter, I run the wheel of the cutter over the fabric once or twice and then cut normally. The oil won’t dry out so just keep it with your cutter until glass accumulates on the fabric. Discard and start over. No more messy storage!

Glass cutter resting on oily cloth
Glass cutter resting on oily cloth

Additional information

Weight .4 lbs


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