Large Mica Pieces


The pieces are large and clear: they average 25 square inches each. You can use them as windows in book covers or even whole pages in a book. They are safe for rubber stamping, enameling, kiln firing, and embossing. Sandwich photos or dried flower petals between the sheets.

Each package contains a minimum of 1 oz. large mica piece(s) which can be used as-is or can be easily split into thinner pieces. Some of the pieces are long and thin and others are more square. Please let us choose for you.

There may be small imperfections such as spots, discoloration, etc. Please consider these artistic opportunities.

At least one ounce of mica per package.

Large Mica Pieces


Sheet mica is a naturally occurring silicate mineral with perfect basal cleavage. That means it splits parallel to the base of the crystal, leaving flat, thin sheets. It is chemically inert, lightweight, flexible, doesn’t absorb water, insulates, and more.

The word “mica” comes from the Latin. It meant “crumb.” The earliest known use of mica was in the paleolithic period (40,000 BCE to 100,000 BCE). It was used in Africa, Egypt, Greece, and China.

Today, mica is used to embellish paintings, cloth, buildings, and pottery. Powdered mica is used to add glitter and shine to all kinds of traditional and contemporary artwork. Sheet mica can be used in a kiln. Now, artists are using it to make book covers and journal pages.

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