Half-Round Flat Nose Parallel Pliers (125mm)


A must-have when bending heavy-gauge wire or sheet metal. Ideal for making rings or anything with a curve in it. Also know as bending pliers.

Half-Round Flat Nose Parallel Pliers (125mm)


Parallel pliers are used when uniform pressure is required. They feature a unique compound box joint that enables the jaws to stay parallel to each other. Even under firm pressure, they provide a flat, consistent grip, unlike standard pliers that can cause items to slip out of the jaws. These pliers are ideal for securely grasping difficult-to-hold items such as round beads or holding one end of an object, wire, or metal sheet while working the other end. You can also use them for working with loops, crimping, creating bends, and forming smooth curves in sheets & wire. These are a must-have when bending heavy gauge wire.

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Weight .4 lbs


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