Copper Foil Tapes – Straight Edges

Real copper alloy backed by adhesive. Used when soldering two non-metallic items together or when soldering around a single piece of glass. Also looks great without soldering. Very malleable for forming neat corners.

Note: the black and silver tapes are copper on the front side and black or silver on the back side only.

36 yard roll

Copper Foil Tapes – Straight Edges


When using transparent glass you’ll want to use copper foil tape, so the back side of your tape matches the front side.

If you are soldering and leaving the solder silver, you’ll want to use silver back tape.

If you are darkening your solder with chemicals, you’ll want to use black back tape.

They are all the same high-quality tape you love but for some projects, matching your tape to your solder is one of the small details that gets your work noticed.

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Weight .4 lbs


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