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Photo and song of male black-headed grosbeak

iPhone Apps for Artists

  • Art
    Look up artists, read about their lives and see photos of some of their most famous art. You'll be the smart one in any discussion of art.

  • Artisan
    Fractals! This fractal app is a time-waster, but fun. It's a great bathtub activity.  ;-)

  • Ben Color Capture
    Benjamin Moore Paints put out this app so that you can take a picture of something and then see colors that go with it. It's made for buying house-paint and the color matching is a little iffy, but this could be a useful app for those times when colors are just not speaking to you.

  • Howcast
    A series of something like 100,000 short videos showing you how to do things like origami, dancing, the moonwalk, jump starting a car and much more. I especially like the drawing videos.

  • Precious Metal Calculator
    Live links to the current spot price of silver, gold, platinum.

  • SketchBook
    Need to make a quick sketch of an idea? No paper available? Your phone comes to the rescue! It's crude because you can't see through your finger as you draw, but for just jotting, it's great.

  • SpinArt
    Oh, yeah! It's the whole midway experience! Lots of colors and glitter to help you pass the time.

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Movies based on (or about) Jane Austen books
Trivia: Darcy's first name is Fitzwilliam