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Students choose their projects from a variety of samples. One option is to make a copper box with a bezel-set wire inlaid enamel (sample above is sterling - optional).


Enameling has been a glorious art form for over 3800 years. Come to Volcano and play with color!

Class topics include kiln fired enameling (we'll dabble with torch firing too), metal fabrication basics, torch soldering, bezel-setting enamels and stones, etching metals, depletion gilding and so much more. Typical of Christine's classes, you never know where the group will take us. After completing one project together, everyone will work with Christine to develop and complete individual pieces.

Christine Cox
Champlevé enameled copper butterfly
on wooden book

To sign up or to make inquiries please contact us at:

Enamel Technic
Instructor: Christine Cox

 Price $750 + $50 Materials



Christine Cox
(Torch fired) Dancing Enamels
(In the collection of Jerra Banwarth)
Working in silver is optional

Holly Taylor
Wire inlay


Janice Fujii
Cloisonné pieces for Bible

Christine Cox
Cloisonné necklaces in step bezels
Working in silver is optional
(necklace on left is in collection of Sue Sim)



  • Everything for all projects is covered by the materials fee, but working with sterling silver, exotic woods or similar upgrades will be extra (totally your choice).

  • * No knowledge will be assumed, though previous metalsmithing or enameling experience will serve you well. Are you a beginner who is good with your hands and a fast learner? A certain amount of hand-strength is required in any metal fabricating class.

  • Completely unique and unavailable anywhere but at the Volcano Arts Studio.

What to Bring (optional):

  • Journal or pad for notes

  • Magnification (I have a few OptiVisors to loan out)

  • If you have a respirator mask (like painters use, available at hardware stores - filters should be for aerosol particulates) bring it along. Don't feel that you need to buy one just for this class. I have lots of paper masks that you can use for the week.

  • I have plenty of medium and large latex gloves. If you are allergic to latex or have extra large or extra small hands, please bring several pairs to use during the week.

  • That's it. Really!

Christine Cox
Wire inlay
The Language of Selected Flowers and Plants
(miniature book: 1-13/16" H X 2" W)

Christine Cox
Sterling, enamel


Christine Cox
Enamel on sterling earrings
(in the collection of Sally Monahan)