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'Night Before Christmas'
Star Book Kit


About our Christmas Star Book Kits

  • They are made with heavy, high quality cardstock
  • They are cut so that each color coordinated panel is framed by the panel behind it
  • They  each come with the poem "The Night Before Christmas" printed on translucent paper vellum for wonderful design options
  • You will sew them together with a simple but beautiful stitch
  • See below for some of my favorite embellishing ideas

Seven panels contain the poem The Night Before Christmas

The open book is 11" across!

The panels look fantastic with all kinds of embellishments

Your pigment ink and leafing pen embellishments make this book worthy of a spot on the mantle or table

What's in the kit

  • Book Board
  • Decorative Cover Paper or Book Cloth
  • Pre-Cut Cardstock Pages
  • 'The Night Before Christmas' Poem Printed on Vellum
  • Thread
  • Hole-Punching Template
  • Corner Cutting Template
  • Step-by-Step Instructions

What you'll need

Here's a very elaborate and elegant star book that will be in the midst of new memories and traditions for years to come. It's fun to make and it will be a gorgeous centerpiece for your holiday decor. The poem 'The Night Before Christmas' is printed on vellum and layered onto layers of your choice of colored cardstock. Finish the book with your leafing pen, metallic ink, photos, glitter or whatever else expresses your holiday spirit!

Difficulty rating:

Finished book size:
5 1/2" X 5 1/2"

Open star is over 11" across!


Very elegant with gold leafing pen and gold inked images


Buy any book kit and the bonus kit is yours for only $3.50 (a $4.75 value).

  • 1 oz. block beeswax
  • 1 large eye binding needle

Bonus Kit

This kit is magnificent when decorated with Krylon leafing pens and Metallic ink.

I've assembled several of these kits through the years and I love using double-sided-tape for adhering the layers of cardstock. It saves a lot of time (and mess) over gluing. -- Christine Cox

Poem on Vellum
Buy the poem 'The Night Before Christmas' printed in black ink on medium weight vellum. Each set contains 7 panels with 2 stanzas each of the classic poem. The panels measure 3 1/8" H X 4 1/4" W

$4.50 / Set

The poem is gorgeous printed on translucent paper vellum

Some of our favorite embellishing ideas

Metallic pigment ink pad

Krylon leafing pens