Enamel: California Native Plants In Cloisonné

California native flower plants rendered in enamel

Recently, I finished these 4 kiln-fired cloisonné pieces, which are a little over an inch square each. They are made from sterling silver, fine silver and enamels, which are glass ground with different minerals for color. Each was fired repeatedly in a kiln at almost 1500°. It’s an exacting and exciting process with beautiful results. […]

Cracked Enamels

Blue enameled flower

Studio artist Vicki Potter and I were talking about enamels yesterday. Vicki said: After total success with my green flower necklace and another black and white necklace, I ran into some trouble with the yellows/oranges.  The enamel on all 3 of the flowers I did in those colors cracked.  So, I got out 3 more […]

Enamel Switchplate In Progress

WIP - enamel copper switchplate

Today I’m making enameled copper switch-plates. Check out those tiny pieces of wire. In spite of bad eyes, years of chain maille has made me love detail work like this.