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Wire and

Pliers and Cutters | Wire and Beadalon

Pliers and Cutters
Nylon Jaw Pliers
Don't put tool marks in your metal jewelry, wire or jump rings. These pliers have replaceable nylon jaws that make gripping your work a safer proposition. Comes with 1 extra set of nylon jaws.

Begin item copy and paste here -->$12.00

Crimp Bead Pliers
Tired of mashed, ugly crimp beads? These pliers close the bead in 2 directions so it looks nice and tidy. The instructions are on the package.


Super Fine Flatnose Pliers
These flatnose pliers are perfect for chain maille, especially if you like to do fine weaves. They are also really nice for people with small hands. Overall length is 4 3/4". Note: for chain maille you'll need 2 pairs.


You'll need 2 pairs if you're getting these for chainmaille.

If you are looking for heavy duty cutters for thick wire, you'll find them here

Heavy Duty Cutters



20 Gauge Copper Wire
Copper wire for beading, metalsmithing, coiling, etc. This is the perfect gauge to make tiny rivets to join 2 pieces of metal. To make rivets (metalsmithing), use with our #65 drill bit and a flex-shaft. Wire is bare so it can be colored in our Patinating Solution.

$5.50 / (15 yds)

Great for bead stringing. 19 strand .010" 10 ft. spool - "Original Bright"

Recommended by Nina Bagley!

$8.50 / (30 ft)