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Soldering tools are necessary for stained glass and multi-media artists. We've made it easy to learn and to enjoy soldering with quality products. Solder metal pieces to the front of a Metal Journal. Make photo frames using 'instant ancestors' between plates of glass and then soldering the edges. Make 'postcards' between plates of glass. Make gorgeous stained glass pieces . . .

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In your words:
I have loved your site for years, and everything I know about soldering and glass art I learned from your tutorials and project instructions. You're very kind for being so generous with your skills, experience, and ideas; it shows you're very passionate about your art and not just slapping a bunch of supplies online for the sole purpose of sales, which is what the other sites I've browsed on (but not bought from) do.  -- Linda M. (Wow!)

Soldering Supplies

Stained glass panel by Christine Cox and Helen Wilkinson

Download this excellent PDF soldering primer
Adobe Acrobat Required
Get Adobe Reader

Soft Soldering Starter Kits | Copper Foil Tape, Sheets and Dispenser | Solder, Flux and Patina | Fume Trap | Horse Shoe Nails | Sal Ammoniac | Jump Rings | Glass

If you need any glass or soldering tools or supplies that you don't see here, just contact us. We buy from a full service distributor and can get about anything (even kilns).

Soldering Starter Kits
Upgraded Soldering Starter Kit
You need everything for soldering and you want the best. Read about individual products below.
  • Weller 100 soldering iron
    (temperature controlled)
  • Soldering iron Stand
  • 1/2 lb. SilverGleem (lead free) Solder
  • Liquid flux, 4 oz.
  • 36 yds 1/4" copper foil tape

Upgraded Soldering Starter Kit
List $193.60
Save 10%

If you'd prefer gel flux instead of liquid flux in your starter kit click the "add to cart" button below and we'll make the substitution.

Gel flux upgrade

Frugal Artist's Soldering Starter Kit
Everything you need to get started with your soldering. Here's what comes in the kit:

  • 100 Watt Soldering Iron (Choice or Inland brands)

  • Soldering Iron Stand

  • Rheostat

  • 1 lb. 60/40 Solder

  • 36 Yards 1/4" Copper Foil Tape

  • 4 oz. Flux

Soldering Starter Kit
List $134.88
Save 10%

If you'd prefer gel flux instead of liquid flux in your starter kit click this "add to cart" button and we'll make the substitution.

Gel flux upgrade

Weller 100 Soldering Iron
If you are looking for a professional quality soldering iron backed by a great brand name, Weller is the iron for you. It works great with either our 60/40 or SilverGleem Lead-Free solders. We highly recommend that you also buy the stand as soldering irons are incredibly hot and can be dangerous to you and to others. Iron is covered by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Tip is not covered by warranty.
100 watts / comes with 3/8" chisel tip. See replacement tips below.



Weller Replacement Soldering Tips
(For Weller iron W100PG only)
If you are looking for more versatility from your soldering iron or to replace an oxidized tip, these replacements will cover your needs.

The 700 tips are perfect for tinning or regular soldering and the 600 tips are for decorative work and for when you want a taller bead of solder.

Weller 100 Soldering Tips
(For Weller iron W100PG only)

We have step-by-step directions for how to clean an oxidized soldering iron tip

Weller Bead Tip
For decorative soldering, this cone shaped tip can't be beat for making decorative "beads" on your soldered items. The tip has a reservoir in it to allow solder to build up before flowing onto your piece. For use with Weller 100 irons only.

Soldering tips are considered a consumable item and are not covered by warranty.

Weller 100 Bead Tip
(For Weller iron W100PG only)


Weller Knurled Nut
Put this nut on your soldering iron for easy tip changes.
For use with Weller irons only.

Weller Knurled Nut
(For Weller iron W100PG only)


Soldering Iron (100 watt)

The frugal artist's 100 watt soldering iron is perfect for stained glass or for many multi-media projects. We highly recommend that you also buy the stand as soldering irons are incredibly hot and can be dangerous to you and to others. Not for use with Canfield SilverGleem lead-free solder.*

Soldering Iron (only)


* I've had 2 cases where the owners said that the tips of their soldering irons (not Wellers) oxidized horribly and then quit working completely when they used the SilverGleem solder. No matter how they tried to keep them clean on damp sponges, the tips would not melt solder because they got oxidized so quickly. On the other hand, most customers who use this iron have no problems at all. Because we can't control your soldering style we do not warrant these irons for use with SilverGleem solder.

Inland or Choice iron will be sent

Choice or Inland Replacement Soldering Tips
For smaller soldering jobs we have 1/8" and 3/16" soldering tips for Choice or Inland soldering irons. Not for use with Weller brand irons. These smaller sized tips are ideal for soldering boxes and photo frames.


We have step-by-step directions for how to clean an oxidized soldering iron tip in our Idea Center

Soldering Iron Stand
We consider this an essential tool for anyone using a soldering iron. It fits most soldering irons and has a heavy iron base for balance. It comes with a small well for a sponge (to clean your soldering tip on). Brands may vary but quality is always equivalent (or better).

Soldering Iron Stand (only)



For your safety, a stand is highly recommended

Prolong the life of your soldering iron (or other electronics compatible with a rheostat) and have more control of the temperature (and therefore the flow of your solder). A real necessity for those late night soldering jags. It has an indicator light so you'll see when it's on (and save the tip on your soldering iron).
Note: Not for use with temperature-controlled soldering irons. Brands and colors vary.


Brands and colors vary

The rheostat helps keep the heat down on your iron. Without a rheostat your iron pumps out full wattage at all times. With a rheostat you can use the iron at a lower temperature. You'll get better results AND your iron will last longer. Not recommended for use with a Weller temperature-controlled iron.

Clear Glass Bevels and Other Glass Products
Use in stained glass projects, as book covers and so much more! These are a real creativity spark!
Weller Bench Top Smoke Absorber
Acid flux, leaded solder, copper oxides, blech! It's fun to play but play safely! Using Lead-Free Solder helps but protect yourself and others further by using a "fume trap" or smoke absorber. Set it right next to your work (or on top if you are soldering a large panel) and it will filter the air and give you peace of mind. This is a high quality product covered by Weller's manufacturer's guarantee.
  • Removes flux fumes from soldering work bench
  • Great for workspaces using lead or lead-free solder
  • Fumes are absorbed by the carbon activated filter (one filter included). Replacement filters are here
  • Fan is quiet and will not add significant noise to your workspace
  • Stand allows the smoke absorber to be adjusted to varying angles
  • ESD safe

Smoke Absorber
List $116.20

 Save 15%!


Replacement Filter for Weller Smoke Absorber (WEL350)
Authentic Weller charcoal activated filter for your bench top smoke absorber.

Replacement Filter
$11.00 ea.


Copper Foil Tape

Megan Croft
Wood and glass, soldered with copper foil tape

Copper Foil Tape
5/32" X 1.5 mil


Silver Back Copper Foil Tape
5/32" X 1.5 mil


Black Back Copper Foil Tape
5/32" X 1.25 mil


Copper Foil Tape
3/16" X 1 mil


Silver Back Copper Foil Tape
3/16" X 1.5 mil


Black Back Copper Foil Tape
3/16" X 1.25 mil


Copper Foil Tape
7/32" X 1.5 mil


Silver Back Copper Foil Tape
7/32" X 1.5 mil


Black Back Copper Foil Tape
7/32" X 1.25 mil


Copper Foil Tape
1/4" X 1.5 mil


Silver Back Copper Foil Tape
1/4" X 1.5 mil


Black Back Copper Foil Tape
1/4" X 1.25 mil


Copper Foil Tape
3/8" X 1.5 mil

Silver Back Copper Foil Tape
3/8" X 1.5 mil

Black Back Copper Foil Tape
3/8" X 1.25 mil


Copper Foil Tape
Real copper alloy backed by adhesive. Used when soldering 2 non-metallic items together or when soldering around a single piece of glass. Also looks great without soldering. Very malleable for forming neat corners. Note, the black and silver tapes are copper on the front side and black or silver on the back side only. 36 yard roll

product representation photo

Wavy Copper Foil Tape (Edge Trim)
You asked for it and we got it! Our new Wavy Copper Foil Tape is 5/16" W X 1-1/2 mil thick. It comes in a 36 yard roll for lots and lots of taping! It's the coolest to either trim a stained glass panel or use it to wrap a stone and then solder.

Wavy Copper Foil Tape


Click for larger view

When using transparent glass you'll want the back side of your copper foil tape to match the front side. While copper foil tape is beautiful on its own if you are soldering and leaving the solder silver you'll want to use silver back tape. If you are darkening your solder with chemicals you'll want to use black back tape. It's the same high-quality tape you love, but for some projects your tape matching your solder is one of the small details that gets your work noticed.

Copper Foil Tape Dispenser
Tired of your Copper Foil Tape getting ruined in a plastic bag (or however you've been storing it)? Try this inexpensive dispenser! It holds up to 7 rolls of tape or you can use it to store fewer rolls of tape and a couple of small tools. There are slots cut in the bottom through which the tape is dispensed. Now you don't have to throw away the first foot of tangled tape every time you solder (yes, that was the voice of experience).

Tape Dispenser


Tape not included
Click image to see holder without tape
Colors vary

12" X 12" Copper Foil Sheets
These sheets have the same strong adhesive that regular copper foil tape has so they're great for creating cut-outs on your stained glass, soldering around glass blobs and more! They're even good for making copper foil tape in unusual widths. Cut it with decorative scissors and make fancy tape for soldering. These are great inspiration starters!

12" X 12" Copper Foil Sheet
Copper on both sides


12" X 12" Copper Foil Sheet
Black Back
Copper on the front, black on the back


Safety first! Please wear a mask and/or use a fume trap when soldering. Flux is an acid and some solder contains lead. It's also a good idea to wear an apron (not synthetic). If the solder drips on your clothes they may melt and stick to you, causing severe burns.
This book was made with products from this page and others on our web site.

Click image for larger view

Mini Bench Vise
This invaluable little tool is incredible! I keep mine clamped right on my bench and use it constantly. Use it for holding charms while you soft solder, to hold a nail-set while you rivet, to make the first head on a rivet, to straighten wire, to hold a dowel for making chain more flexible . . . It's one of those things that you'll wonder how you ever did without.
Solder, Flux and Patina

SilverGleem Solder (1/2 lb.)
Looking for that bright silver look and the comfort of lead-free solder? We have the secret ingredient! It's solder made from silver, tin and copper and adds a rich, luxurious finish to all of your stained glass, art and jewelry projects. It's lead-free and non-toxic and has "instant freeze." It's perfect for making beaded or sculpted patterns in your soldering and can be left its natural silver color, buffed to a high sheen or colored with various solder patinas.
Works best with Weller soldering irons. The price of solder is volatile and ranges widely.

Unleaded SilverGleem Solder

60/40 Solder (1 lb.)
High purity 60/40 wire solder is perfect for soldering over Copper Foil Tape or lead came. The price of solder is volatile and ranges widely. Brands vary

If you are using leaded solder, we especially recommend the use of a smoke absorber.

60% tin, 40% lead

Flux is essential to the soldering process. It is what makes the solder flow. Just dab it on with a Q-Tip.

Tip: Be very careful not to get any under the copper foil tape or it will ruin the adhesive and cause the tape to lift from the glass.

Classic 100 Gel Flux (4 oz)
Recommended by many instructors, this easy to use gel flux stays where you put it. No-mess gel has no odor and produces no smoke. Perfect for copper foil, lead or zinc came.

Gel Flux

product picture

GlassPro Liquid Flux (4 oz)
Water soluble liquid flux. Works with copper, zinc or lead. Leaves a smooth soldering line.

 Liquid Flux


Novacan Black Magic Patina
After you've soldered, use this patina to make the solder black. Easy to use. Directions on bottle.

$7.00 / 8 oz.


Horse Shoe Nails
The best accessory for holding lead came and zinc in place while you are assembling a stained glass panel. These are also great in assemblage pieces. 50mm long. Made in Sweden.

$4.50 / 25

$18.00 / 100

Here's a picture of horse shoe nails doing their job on a panel in progress.

Sterling Silver Jump Rings
You'll find our Jump Rings on the Embellishments page


Stained Glass: Project & Patterns by George Shannon and Pat Torlen

This book is the best we've found for learning how to solder and cut glass. Lots of photos and a troubleshooting section to help if something goes wrong. You can't beat the price either! Click on the book cover to be magically transported to so that you can buy the book.

Hand-Cut Glass
Ready to solder great photo frames for a journal embellishment or a bracelet? We've hand-cut the glass to approx. 3/4" X 1". A package contains 10 ready-to-use pieces. Now they come in colors too!

Ready to cut your own glass? Christine Cox shows you step-by-step how to cut glass using the tools in our Glass Cutting Starter Kit

These photo frames were made using our Hand-Cut Glass (except for bottom, right piece which was custom cut).

We now have step-by-step directions for how to clean an oxidized soldering iron in our Idea Center

As with all soldering products, it is highly recommended that you use this product in a well ventilated area. We sell a charcoal activated smoke absorber for your safety.

Sal Ammoniac Block
Indispensable for keeping your soldering iron clean and tinned. Regular use of a sal ammoniac block makes soldering faster and more efficient. Note, use this only as necessary and avoid breathing the fumes. Follow the directions carefully.