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Silver Soldering
(AKA Hard soldering or brazing)


(Roburn MT-770)

$37.25 ea.

MicroTorch is perfect for; light jewelry soldering, curing Precious Metal Clay, coloring metals and for many other applications (including caramelizing the sugar on your crème brûlée). It has an electronic ignition for an easy start without a striker. It has a maximum temperature of 2450° and a burn time of 90 minutes. The adjustable flame means a wide range of applications; from a small flame for soldering jump rings to a bushy flame for coloring copper. It has a quick-refill design (butane not included) and works at any angle. It's 6" tall with a removable base.

I usually use my acetylene torch for brazing (hard soldering), but I just love this MicroTorch! Why? Because I can light it with one hand. It's great for those quick jobs like burning off oxide-inhibitors and soldering jump rings, and it's far safer than keeping an alcohol lamp burning. I even use mine to light my pellet stove! -- Christine Cox


Frugal Artist's Microtorch

The perfect starter torch for those not quite sure if they want to make the tool investment needed to venture into the ‘Metalsmith’ direction.  It provides 90% of the features of our journeyman torch at less than 40% of the price.

$18.00 ea.



Christine Cox
Materials: mask armature, 26 gauge copper (torch-fired for color), copper wire, copper mesh, eyelet, acrylic paint. (published in Somerset Studio)

Solderite Board 6" X 6"

Use as a soldering surface or in a kiln. The small size works for most studio situations and for traveling. I use mine for enameling, soldering and PMC. Asbestos-free


Solderite Board
$12.95 ea.

Charcoal Soldering Block

Our good-quality German soldering blocks last much longer than cheaper blocks. 5 1/2" X 2 3/4" X 1 1/4"

As with all charcoal blocks, we recommend wrapping with steel binding wire to preserve the block's life.


Charcoal block

$18.00 ea.


Deluxe Titanium Soldering Pick (blue)

Titanium soldering pick is made to take the heat. Use it for your all-purpose soldering, pick soldering and for moving pieces while in the flame. 6-1/2" long

Soldering Pick
$5.00 ea.

Handy Flux

For brazing stainless silver, copper, nickel-silver, steel,  and other non-ferrous metals. It's Christine's choice for a universal paste flux for brazing (silver soldering) non-ferrous metals. Begins to dissolve oxides at 600°, can be used with filler metals melting between 1100° and 1600°. Contains fluorides. 7 oz. jar w/brush

Handy Flux

Soldering Made Simple Book

Presented by Joe Silvera
Learn all about the tools and materials you'll need. Solder small-scale jewelry projects, jump rings, basic soldering, sweat-soldering and much, much more.

Was $21.95 ea.
20% off $17.56

We have the tools and supplies you
need to get started with silver soldering!