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All the pliers on our website are on this page.


Parallel Pliers

Parallel pliers are used when uniform pressure is required. They feature a unique compound box joint that enables the jaws to stay parallel to each other. Even under firm pressure, they provide a flat, consistent grip, unlike standard pliers that can cause items to slip out of the jaws. These pliers are ideal for securely grasping difficult-to-hold items such as round beads or holding one end of an object, wire, or metal sheet while working the other end. You can also use them for working with loops, crimping, creating bends, and forming smooth curves in sheets & wire. These are a must-have when bending heavy gauge wire.

Brass-Lined Flatnose

Brass-Lined Flatnose
Parallel Pliers (125mm)

Amplify your grip as you file, sand, bend. The brass protects your work from being marred by the tool.


Parallel Pliers (125mm)

A must-have when bending heavy-gauge wire or sheet. Ideal for making rings or anything with a curve in it. AKA Bending Pliers


Round-Nose Pliers (5" Germany)

EURO TOOL’s Extra-Duty box-joint pliers featuring double-leaf springs are made of the finest European steel available. Box joints insure lifetime alignment. Made in Germany. Make loops and round bends with the perfectly round and finely tapered tips on this plier.


Flat-Nose Pliers (5" Germany)

EURO TOOL’s 5 box-joint pliers are made of the finest European steel available. Box joints insure lifetime alignment. Made in Germany. Flat nose pliers featuring double-leaf springs allow you to grip flat objects and make right angle bends. The smooth jaws come to a fine even taper.


Chain-Nose Pliers (5" Germany)

EURO TOOL’s 5 box-joint pliers are made of the finest European steel available. Box joints insure lifetime alignment. Made in Germany. Chain nose pliers feature double-leaf springs and smooth jaws with slightly beveled edges to avoid marring. The nose is tapered to a fine point for bending and most utility work.


Heavy Duty Wire Cutters
If you are tired of replacing your cutters because you work with heavier gauges of wire, here is the solution. Their compound action means that it takes less force to cut the wire too (great for weak hands). The bevel is very slight so that filing is kept to a minimum. This is an unbelievable price for this quality.


Foam grips make these cutters extraordinarily comfortable to use, and their compound action makes them strong.

Hole Punch Pliers for Metal

Punch a 1.8mm hole in metal up to 22 gauge!

Hole Punching Pliers for Leather
Perfect for paper, leather and very light gauge non-ferrous metals (copper, brass), these pliers make a round 1/16" diameter hole. Use them to make holes for our 1/16" Eyelets, holes for sewing leather, holes for fibers, the list is endless.
Light duty


Crimp Bead Pliers
Tired of mashed, ugly crimp beads? These pliers close the bead in 2 directions so it looks nice and tidy. The instructions are on the package.

Super Fine Flatnose Pliers
These flatnose pliers are perfect for chain maille, especially if you like to do fine weaves. They are also really nice for people with small hands. Overall length is 4 3/4". Note: for chain maille you'll need 2 pairs.

Running Pliers
Running Pliers make the job of breaking scored glass so easy! They have a little hump in the center which you line up with your score line on the glass and then gently squeeze the pliers. Voila! The glass will break cleanly and your hands are safe.

Breaking and Grozing Pliers
Use these pliers when you are breaking a small strip from a piece of glass or when you are worried about cutting yourself. Also for grozing (grinding off shards left from a bad cut).