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Etching Tank | Metal to Etch | 'Metal Etching: How-To and Idea Booklet | Acetate | StazOn Ink and Cleaner | Copper Switch Plates and Outlet Covers

Metal Etching

PnP Blue

A durable film that acts as a mask or resist when etching or anodizing metal. Comes with general directions for transferring an image.

Required equipment: laser printer or copy machine that uses toner (ink-jet printers not recommended), and a household (or other) iron or heat press. A certain amount of experimenting may be required depending on image size and gauge and the size of the metal so we have packages of 5 sheets.

5 sheets (8 1/2" X 11")

$20.00 / 5 sheets

Metal Etching Tank

Brand names and colors may vary but these are representative.

Easily etch your own base metal (brass, copper and nickel) in this etching tank made for ferric chloride (available at most Fry's Electronics, Radio Shack and well-stocked computer stores). It has a pump and 2 tubes to aerate the etchant for fast, reliable results, a back flow check valve and an on/off switch for easy use. Comes complete and ready to use. Approximate Capacity 4 gallons (uses about 3 gallons of etchant). Dimensions: 11-1/2" W X 7" D X 11" H.
Before etching, it is highly recommended that you read our booklet Metal Etching How-To and Idea Book at right.


  • Container with Lid
  • Aeration Tubes
  • Pump
  • Check Valve
  • On/Off Switch

Our large etching tank is automatically sent by UPS ground if it works out to be cheaper for you. We will audit the charges when we ship.
Large Etching Tank

Smaller Size Etching Tank

If you are etching smaller batches of metal, this smaller size etching tank is for you. It has a 1 gallon capacity, and has all the great features of our large etching tank, just smaller.
Before etching, it is highly recommended that you read our booklet Metal Etching How-To and Idea Book at right. Interior dimensions are approximately:
7 1/2" H X 7 1/4" W X 4 1/2" D.


'Metal Etching: How-To and Idea Booklet'
Etching metal (copper, brass, nickel) has never been this easy! Our Metal Etching How-To and Idea Booklet covers how to prepare, etch and finish metals and has lots of creative ideas for further experimenting.


  • Acknowledgement
  • Introduction
  • Safety
  • What You'll Need
  • About the Etchant
  • Process Outline
  • Preparing the Metal
  • Transferring Image
  • Protecting Edges and Back
  • Etching
  • Removing Masks
  • Neutralizing Etchant
  • Cleaning and Polishing Metal
  • After Etching
  • Sealing
  • Make Your Own Etching Tank
  • Resources
  • Housekeeping

Metal Etching How-To and Idea Booklet

In your words:
Your Metal Etching book(let) was super. Four ladies got together and etched all day and got beautiful results because of your instruction!
-- Susan P.

Acetate (8-1/2" X 5-1/2")
Unless you have a rubber stamp of your image, you'll need to copy it onto acetate and then iron it onto the metal.

10 sheets

Copper Switch Plates  

Copper Switch Plate

Single switch plate out of stock

Learn more about etching.

I etched this copper switch plate and now it graces my guest bathroom. The whole project took about 2 hours (actual prep time: about 10 minutes).
-- Christine Cox

Copper 2-Switch Plate
Raw copper double switch plates do not have lacquer on them so that you can etch, stamp, patinate, oxidize and so much more! Copper screws included.

2-Switch Plate
$14.00 each

Copper 4-Switch Plate
These hard to find, raw copper 4-switch plates will look great wherever you put them, and in whatever style you decorate them. Copper screws included.

4-Switch Plate
$15.00 each


Copper Outlet Cover
Raw copper outlet cover (no lacquer to remove). Etch, oxidize, stamp or decoupage them. Copper screws included.

Outlet Cover
$15.00 each

Copper looks wonderful with your favorite patina. Find out more about patinas and coloring base metals in Christine Cox's booklet "Coloring Base Metals: A Practical Guide"

GFCI Cover
Raw copper switch plate is perfect for your GFCI or rocker switches. Screws included.

GFCI Cover $12.00 each

Tom Koehl patinated this outlet cover with a Torch. It's a quick way to make copper show off its potential colors.

Protect this patina with either a lacquer spray or with wax. Find out more about patinas and sealers in Christine Cox's booklet "Coloring Base Metals: A Practical Guide"

We also sell copper, brass and nickel stock for your fabrication and etching needs.


StazOn Inkpad and Refill
This is the BEST ink for using as a resist for etching metal. It is solvent-based so it acts as a durable resist that stands up to the agitation and long etching times that give the deepest and best looking results. Every pad is accompanied by a refill bottle of ink. Stamp on metal and other porous and non-porous surfaces (shrink plastic, wood, leather, coated paper, glass, ceramic, laminated paper, plastic (not recommended for fabric) Black only. Clean stamps with Ranger Solvent Stamp Cleaner for best results.

$14.50 Inkpad and Refill

Ranger/Inkssentials Solvent Stamp Cleaner

This is the BEST solvent stamp cleaner we've found! It's great for removing solvent stamping inks (StazOn springs to mind) but it's also great for removing Sharpie marker from metal and so many other tasks that other stamp cleaners just can't do. Christine uses this a lot here at the Volcano Arts Studio.