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Starter Kit | Tools | Supplies | Recommended Reading and Viewing | TexoPrint Paper

Paper Marbling
Tools and Supplies


The Art of Marbling
by Galen Berry

Start here. Whether you've never marbled before or if you're an old hand, this book is an incredible resource. This is the booklet that marble artist Galen Berry uses in his classes. It contains his recipes, patterns (beginner to advanced), tips and tricks. He explains the tools and the supplies needed for marbling with acrylic paint.

The Art of Marbling

Paper Marbling: Patterns and Notes by Christine Cox

This is the booklet we use in our Paper Marbling and Book Technic Classes. It shows the combing/raking patterns for the following patterns:

  • Stone

  • Gel Git

  • Zebra

  • Waved Gel Git

  • Peacock

  • Nonpareil

  • Feather

  • Waved Icarus

  • French Curl

  • Bouquet

There are also sections on recommended reading, the process outline and recipes. Does not include paint information.

$4.00 / each
Free domestic shipping on this item - international orders will be charged actual shipping for booklet orders. 

Note: This booklet is meant as a quick reference, not for learning how to marble. Marbling knowledge is available from many books.

Marbling Tools

Marbling Starter Kit: $39.25

Starter Marbling Tool Kit

1 Bundle Plastic Broom Straw
Standard Tooth Comb
Wide Tooth Comb
Single Rake
Double Rake
Wooden Tray Scraper
Booklet: Paper Marbling by Christine Cox

Plastic Broom Straw

Wrap a rubber band around a few of these plastic broom straws and use them as a whisk for laying paints onto your size. Each bundle is enough to make 10 to 20 whisks, depending on how thick you make them. The more bristles in a whisk, the stiffer it will be.

$5.25 / bundle

Broom straw for marbling

Plastic whisks last for years and don't break into pieces that then fall into your tray. They won't get waterlogged and limp, you can wash them out and use them over and over.

Christine's favorite tray is a clear plastic 11" x 14" box picture frame. We get them from Michael's, and they fit our tools perfectly. Our marbling tools fit a standard-size (11" x 17") baking sheet or cookie tray, which can be used as a marbling tray to hold the size.

Standard Tooth Comb

Used for making the nonpareil pattern, and used as a preliminary step for making bouquet, feather, bird wing, etc. Five teeth per inch.


Standard - 11" Long

This is the standard spacing for a traditional nonpareil pattern. If you are only buying one comb, this is the one.

Wide Tooth Comb

Used for making a slightly wider-spaced nonpareil pattern, and is especially useful for up-and-down combing (chevron). Four teeth per inch.


Wide - 11" Long

Fine Tooth Comb

Double rows of teeth make a tiny pattern. Use it to make small patterns, including those for miniature books.


 Fine - 11" Long

Single Rake

Nails spaced at 2". Used alone or in addition to a comb, for making wide patterns such as the French curl, feather, and bird wing.  The rake is usually used lengthwise in the tray, so it is longer than the other tools.


14" Long

Rakes and combs are used to form patterns in the size (Carrageenan).
Photo by Christy Bednarik

Double Rake

Nails spaced in 1" triangle patterns. Used alone or in addition to a comb, for the bouquet, peacock, and thistle patterns.


10" Long

Wood Tray Scraper

Used to skim the excess paint from the surface of the size between prints.


11" Long

Vera Latimer 8/03
12 Needles, 12 Signatures
Paper by Galen Berry
Vera made this book in a class taught by Christine Cox
We sell marbled papers made by Galen!

Marbling Supplies

Carrageenan, 1/2 lb.

Used for size (AKA gel), it makes water heavier than paint so that your colors will float. A seaweed derivative. Non-toxic. Lambda. This is enough carrageenan for lots and lots of paper marbling sessions.

$27.00 / 1/2 lb.

Basic recipes for using carrageenan and alum are in Christine's booklet Paper Marbling: Patterns and Notes.

Alum, 1/2 lb.

A powdered mordant, makes paint adhere to paper. Mix with water. Non-toxic

$5.25 / 1/2 lb.

Marbling Gall, 2 oz.

Synthetic surfactant enables paint to resist surface tension. Our extra strength version will work even with heavy acrylic paints. Add 1 or 2 drops to paints if they fall to the bottom of the marbling tray instead of spreading over the surface of the size.

$6.00 / 2 oz.


Marbling Paper

TexoPrint Paper

This is marbler Galen Berry's (and Christine Cox's) favorite paper for marbling. It has a soft, fabric-y drape and lays beautifully onto the size. It's a very durable 55-lb. white paper with a slight latex content, which makes it excellent for marbling. It dries out flat (if you've ever marbled paper before, you'll appreciate this) and is great for bookbinding, card making, print matting, stationary, collage, gift wrap and much more. Approximately 9-1/2" X 12-1/2"

$5.00 / 10 pc.

$12.50 / 25 pc.

$42.50 / 100 pc.
15% off

English marbled papers from Jemma Lewis