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Double sided tape | Storage | Mica | Omni-Gel | Alcohol Inks | Acrylic Sheets | Beads, Cabochons and Charms | Beading Felts | Eyelets, Snaps, Rivets and BradsLeafing Pens | Chain Maille | Clock and Watch Parts | Knotting | Findings and Jump Rings


Large Mica Pieces

The pieces are large and clear: they average 25 square inches each. You can use them as windows in book covers or even whole pages in a book. They are safe for rubber stamping, enameling, kiln firing, and embossing. Sandwich photos or dried flower petals between the sheets.

Cut them with scissors or a guillotine cutter (thinner pieces bubble less during cutting). Use them in collages, paint on them, write on them, eyelet them (the Japanese Screw Punch is perfect for making holes in mica). I've even seen mica used in beautiful soft soldered lamp shades. The light shows through the mica for a muted effect.

1 oz. or more mica

Each package contains a minimum of 1 oz. large mica piece(s) which can be used as-is or can be easily split into thinner pieces. Some of the pieces are long and thin and others are more square. Please let us choose for you. There may be small imperfections such as spots, discoloration, etc. Please consider these artistic opportunities.

Laura Friedman made this mica-covered book in Dan Essig's class
Book of Micah

I use our mica for firing enamels in my kiln. It's perfect for flat pieces (without counter enamel), and for plique--jour. Preheat the mica in the kiln (without enamels) before using it the first time. This releases any air bubbles. -- Christine Cox

Click on the image above to learn more about mica

Cool historic fact: Ancient Greeks used sheets of mica to protect seedlings from weather.

dryflwr.jpg (22001 bytes)
Have you seen my directions for drying flowers in the microwave without special equipment? They look great sandwiched between sheets of mica.




Tape and Tape Sheets

Humongo Tape

Double-sided tape sheets

2 pc. 8" X 11"

Heavy duty double-sided adhesive for metal or paper. Perfect for lining boxes with fabric or batting.



It's the artist's favorite for a reason. Mount paper objects quickly and without a glue-ey mess. Add glitter to your work. It even works on mica and on metal!

Find out several great ways to use our double sided tape and tape sheets

1/8" X 15' - $3.25

1/4" X 15' - $3.50

3/8" X 15' - $3.75

1/2" X 15' - $4.25

3/4" X 15' - $6.25

Stamping Ink


ColorBox metallic pigment ink pads add the warm feel of metal to your stamped designs. Acid free. Use with or without embossing powder. The high quality ink leaves a nice dark impression. Use on glossy or matte paper.



Sterling silver jump rings

My cool shoe charm necklace

(not for sale)

Sterling Silver Jump Rings

Eventually we all need a jump ring. Use one from our assortment package. Each bag contains 30 sterling silver rings, in 3 sizes. They are the perfect sizes for attaching charms and dangly things to your books, chainmaille, jewelry, everything! Use them as bails on soldered items, patinate them in liver of sulfur, and more. A studio standard. Sawn for accuracy.

Each bag contains (open size):

  • 10 ea. 18 gauge X 8.9mm OD
  • 10 ea. 18 gauge X 6.6mm OD
  • 10 ea. 21 gauge X 3.9mm OD

Sterling silver jump rings
$10.50 / 30 rings

We have instructions for correctly opening and closing jump rings in "The Muse"

Sterling Silver

Use the tubes as spacers on your fabricated metal work

Book Front: Shows Sterling Silver Crimps/Tubes holding copper decoration up above surface of cover (see detail)

Sterling Silver Crimps/Tubes (~50)

Yes, they are the perfect crimp beads when you use our Crimp Pliers to close them, but we're excited because they are great to use as tubes to lift one piece of metal up above another (see photo). We have these in copper too! If you are making rivets, these are perfectly sized for 20 Gauge Wire.

$4.00 (~20)

Copper Crimp Beads (~50)
These copper crimp beads are much better quality than what you usually find in craft stores and they are made from solid copper. They work perfectly with our new Crimp Bead Pliers and can also be used as spacers to raise one sheet of metal above another for a layered effect (see above). We have these in Sterling Silver too!

$4.00 (~50)

Crimp Bead Pliers are here

In your words:
With your company, Customer Service should be spelled out in glowing letters. Thank you for the excellent service you provided with my very small order. Not only was it processed very quickly, but I also had the additional surprise of receiving a refund for part of my shipping costs. I will definitely be ordering from your company again and will be letting my friends know about you.
Julia S.


Name Badge and Pin Backs
(Magnetic Clasp)

Use magnets to attach a name badge or pin made from metal, plastic, wood and most other materials Won't put holes in your clothes!

  • Name badge attachments made with neodymium magnets instead of pin backs. Won't put holes in your clothes.
  • Stainless steel back plate will not rust and is suitable for use in all environments
  • 3M peel-and-stick adhesive can stick tightly to most badge materials
  • 11 lb holding power per set
  • Metal insert inside the plastic bar for added strength and durability

Magnetic Clasp Sets
$4.00 / 5

Acrylic Sheets  
1/16" thick 5" X 5" Acrylic Sheets (2)
Clear, thin acrylic for layered items; book windows, fabricated metal brooches and necklaces, etc. Use them for book covers and sew with a Coptic stitch! It's protected in cling plastic so that it's scratch-free when you receive it. Enough for several small projects.

$3.00 (2)

This pin has a layer of acrylic between the 2 pieces of metal. It's bolted together using our great Miniature Hardware.
Beads, Cabochons and Charms
Foundations Charms (4 charms)
With a wry wink and a smile we offer these ladies' foundation charms. They are brass-plated pewter and each has a loop for hanging. The backs are finished so they have details on both sides.

$4.25 / 4 charms


Coiled Drops
These 3 silver-colored pewter drops look great hanging from jewelry, dolls, bookmarks and more.

$3.50 / 3

Brass Beads

2mm Brass Beads
Smooth, round brass beads.

2mm Brass Beads
$6.00 / 100


Beading felt at work
(click for larger image)

Colors vary. Please let us choose for you.

Beading Felts
Indispensable when working with small items like beads and jump rings, these Beading Felts keep things from rolling away. They are just padded enough to allow for easily picking up tiny items. Best of all, they are completely portable so you can take them with you from room to room or from state to state (and they make great packing material for the other things you have to take on trips).

$1.25 ea.



Knotting Awl
Sure, it's the perfect tool for tying knots between pearls but its small size and very sharp point make it great for so much more, including bookbinding! This is one of those must-have tools that you'll use over and over.




It's a transfer medium. No, it's for oil painting effects. No, it's a glue. Omni-Gel is a wonderful medium (a heavy liquid) that can do so many things! My favorite use is for transferring images onto glass, leather, metal, wood, almost anything! It is much thicker than acrylic gel medium so the transfers are much, much more durable and easy to handle. It's easy to use and the effects are incredible. 8 Fl. Oz. Instructions on bottle.

Was $11.25
20% off $9.00


Leafing Pens

Krylon Leafing Pen
These are the BEST leafing pens! They dispense opaque metallic paint in your choice of colors:
  • Copper
  • Red
  • Gold
  • Silver

The chiseled tip allows for either broad or fine lines. Use them to highlight the edges of cards or to paint wood. I like to use them to add sparkle and drama around the edges of each page layer in our Christmas Star Book Kit. They work for so many things because the paint is heavy and opaque and because they are made with real metal. Keep out of the reach of children. Follow instructions on package.



Don't want your soldered charms to be silver colored? Try a leafing pen and make them gold, red or copper instead (not permanent-they will acquire a weathered look).

Red leafing pen can be used for holidays or all year long

Reminiscent of snow; silver leafing pen on blue cardstock