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Each charm on this necklace is a shoe. Each is unique; no duplicates. The chain is made from a chain maille weave called Byzantine. The entire chain is made of nothing but niobium and Sterling Silver Jump Rings. We also sell a few Shoe Charms if you are interested in starting your own necklace or bracelet.

Shoe Necklace

If you love shoes, you'll go crazy for this book! I highly recommend it. It's fun and quirky and has completely awesome photos of shoes through history and from major designers. Click on the picture and buy it from

This link is to a medium sized picture so that you can get a feel for the whole necklace.

This link is to a huge picture so that you can get a close-up of the individual shoe charms.

 People sometimes ask me if this necklace is too heavy to be comfortable. To the contrary, it is a pleasure to wear.