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Solid copper, brass or nickel-silver etched nameplate or sign for your desk, bench or door. Each is designed and custom made for you. They are deeply etched, polished, "antiqued" and waxed for a long life. Excellent for interior or exterior, and they are wonderful for your house numbers, or property name.

These are handmade items so please allow for design differences, though the photos are representative. I'll email a mock up to you before proceeding. There will be lovely random marks from the etching process. Enjoy the handmade look!

Did you know that copper is the traditional gift for a 7th wedding anniversary?

Custom Etched Metal 
Desk and Nameplates
Door signs
By Christine Cox




Hang a metal sign on your door or wall. Holes and screws provided on request for flat signs. Let me know in the comments section where you'd like the holes drilled.

Large Etched Metal Sign
(Flat sign - 10" wide x 6" high)

Small Etched Metal Sign
(Flat sign - 6" wide x 4" high)

This 6" X 12" sign will be near a kitchen, so it has an extra layer of wax for durability. (custom size)

Set a handmade nameplate on your desk or bench. It is bent so that it is easily read.

(Bent for desktop - 6" wide x ~ 2.5" high)

It's a great gift item and perfect for home or business applications.

When you order, let me know in the "comments section" of the checkout page the words you'd like on your nameplate (please be very clear to avoid mistakes). 

Email me if you have any questions or special requests. Since I design these on my computer, we have a lot of creative opportunities!

If you are interested in several signs, contact me with a quantity and we'll work out a quote. We might be able to save you some money on production.

Custom Work

I can make your sign, plaque or nameplate any size or shape as long as one dimension is 6" or smaller. Would you like me to use a special font? Your logo? Need a plaque for a commemoration or a "hope chest?" You can even design your own. Email me for more information.

A custom name plate to be installed on the top of a box which was custom-made for photographs.

Suede Jewel

This particularly beautiful sign was made to be placed in a showcase, next to the artist's work. It features layers of etched and antiqued brass and copper which have been hand-riveted together.

Dimensions: 4"H X 11"W

Photos taken by Chris Nathasingh

Examples and Ideas Comments
This is the standard size and layout.
It's 2 1/2" H X 6" W
Dragon wings added so much to this blacksmith's sign

8 1/4" X 3" nickel-silver
(custom size)
Click here to see this sign in place on the door. It looks fantastic!!! Photo by Anne Cross

Click the image to see more
Designed by Roger DeMuth, I etched a full sheet of luggage tags to be cut apart, filed and drilled.
  This  nameplate was commissioned to celebrate a new job.
It's a perfect "guy gift."

6" X 2 1/2" copper
I made this plate as a marker for a friend's pet's grave. Extra wax was applied for protection from the weather.

6" X 4" copper
A small image really enlivened this nameplate! The lovely random marks are an artifact of the etching process.

6" X 2 1/2" copper
Custom words and fonts are no problem! Need holes and screws? Let me know.

"I LOVE it!" -- Carole

6" X 4" nickel-silver
This custom sign is drilled for affixing to a door with screws.

10" X 3" copper

Gallery of etched copper signs and a nameplate done for Lincoln Way Inn B&B