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These turned brass pegs/pins are used as closures for contemporary and medieval books. Can be used with a metal or leather loop

Turned Brass Pegs/Pins
By Christine Cox



  • Overall length is roughly 1/2"
  • Head is about 1/8" in diameter
  • Head is finished to a lovely satin sheen
  • Tail (portion glued into board) is about 3/8" long by slightly smaller than 1/16"
  • Tail is left rough for adhesion
  • Each has a concave area for either a metal ring or a leather loop to fit over
  • It is recommended that your book covers be 1/4" or thicker if you are using them on the edge of the board

To use the book pegs/pins, simply drill a 1/16" hole in either the edge or face of your cover board. Use PVA to glue the pin into the hole. Let it dry overnight. You supply the ring or leather to complete the closure.

If you know how to rivet, the pegs/pins can be trimmed and riveted to the face of the cover board.


Macro photo (slight distortion caused by lens)


Appropriate for all 4th to 16th century bindings; either short or long strap. There is a range of similar shapes in each package. Those pictured are representative

Macro photo (slight distortion caused by lens)


Versatile for modern tastes. Shapes vary in each package. Those pictured are representative

Standard or Contemporary
$46.00 / 4 pegs/pins

Customization (4 pegs/pins)
$8.00 per customization (4 pegs)


Customize your pegs/pins for specific purposes for $2.00 per peg/pin

Customization Available

Tapered tail
Antiqued and waxed
All matching

I can also do more complex customization. Please email to tell me your needs and to ask for a quote.