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Volcano Arts Folder

This folder is made out of state-of-the-art Teflon® and is so comfortable to use when folding and compressing signatures and when manipulating paper on boxes and books. Glue won't stick to it, and it's refined enough for folding delicate papers and origami. It's heavier than a bone folder and makes folding heavier papers like handmade, cardstock or watercolor a LOT easier.

Volcano Arts Teflon® Folder

A note from Christine Cox:
The Volcano Arts Folder has angles engineered for getting into corners and small areas and it's very comfortable to hold. It's perfect for bookbinding (you can't beat it for folding paper, parchment and vellum) and also for box-making, origami, pergamano and pottery (in fact, it was inspired by a potter's tool)!

Recommended by bookbinding instructor (and fantastic artist), Michael Jacobs! It's a wonderful tool. I use it exclusively for creasing and burnishing.

In your words
Thanks for a great product. I had to fold 252 wedding invitations and your tool was wonderful! Now my mother, aunt and sister all want their own VA folders.   -- L.G.

Try it. You'll love it!

Every angle of this tool was designed by book artist Christine Cox. This is the BEST   tool for folding your lightest to heaviest papers, and it's lovely for folding cardstock. Now you can easily fold several sheets of text weight paper at once. Really!

High tech meets low tech

Talk about space age, Teflon® has the lowest coefficient of friction (.21) of any material on Earth. That means that there is as little abrasion on the paper as is physically possible. The old monks would have loved this tool.

Hold the tool like this for a sure
and comfortable grip

Don't abuse your new tool

This is a finely hand-crafted tool, meant for bookbinding and other non-destructive processes. Do not use it with copper mesh or other hard or sharp materials. As with any handmade tool, please allow for small differences.

In your words
I'm a pergamano instructor and love your Teflon folder. I recommend it in all my classes.-- K.M.

In your words
At noon today I received the Teflon folder I ordered from you. This afternoon I have used it for two boxes and one book. It's the best folder I have ever used! Thank you for your design and thank you for the fastest delivery of anything I have ever ordered online. As you know this folder does a great job with paper, but if you have people in your classes who would like to use fabric on their books or boxes, this is the folder they should try as it lays the fabric down much smoother and doesn't stretch the fabric. I have 5 other folders and yours works best. Your website is now in my favorites and it will be the first one I check for any other items I might need. I'm also recommending this folder to my art group.
-- Carol H. 

Classic Bone Folder

Bone Folder

This classic genuine bone is for folding paper, smoothing, turning in and compressing. It has a million uses!

Hand-Cut Goose Quill Pen

For 1,000 years the feather quill was the writing instrument of humans all over the world! They've been used to sign some of our most important documents, like the U.S. Constitution and the Magna Carta.

Hand-cut just for us, these goose feather quill pens are great for calligraphy. Each has been conditioned and split and is ready for use. The pen comes with a small package of powdered ink (just add water), but the pens work with any calligraphy ink.

Goose Quill Pen

$5.25 each



Genuine Japanese Screw Punch and 9 tips

This is a great punch and it's the real Japanese model; Christine's favorite. It works with a screw action so it punches round holes through leather and stacks of paper easily and comfortably! In testing it punched a clean hole in 20 sheets of 20 # paper.  It comes with NINE genuine Japanese tips (see sizes below) so this is a great value!

Genuine Japanese Screw Punch and 9 Tips
$100.00 / set

Full Set of 9 Replacement Tips for Japanese Screw Punch

This is an excellent value!


  • 1mm (book sewing needle size)
  • 1.5mm (1/16" eyelet size)
  • 2mm
  • 2.5mm
  • 3mm (standard 1/8" eyelet size)
  • 3.5mm
  • 4mm
  • 4.5mm (3/16" eyelet size)
  • 5mm (screw post size)

Set of 9 / $65

Individual Replacement Tips for Japanese Screw Punch

Do you use one tip more than others? Is one of your tips dull from use? Here's your chance to replace single tips! These are high quality Japanese tips.


Premium Sizes

  • 1mm
  • 1.5mm
  • 3mm
  • 5mm


Standard Sizes

  • 2mm
  • 2.5mm
  • 3.5mm
  • 4mm
  • 4.5mm

We have help with cleaning your Japanese Screw Punch tips

Our Plastic Tubes are great for storing your extra tips. You can cut the tubes to size with regular scissors.

Genuine Japanese Screw Punch (NO tips)

Just need the tool? Got a million tips? Here's your chance to buy this high quality product without having to buy the set.

Genuine Japanese Screw Punch with NO Tips
$45.00 ea.



Measuring Rules

These steel rules will save you endless time measuring joints between boards, turn-ins and all kinds of standard measuring tasks. Extremely functional.

Choose from 2 lengths
(18" accommodates all but the most extreme books)
(9" is perfect for travel)

  • 18" length X 5 width
  • 9" length X 5 widths ($15.25)

Recommended by the bookbinding
instructors at BYU-Idaho!

Precision cut 9" or 18" measuring rules come in a set of 5 widths: 1/8", 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" and 1"

Bookbinders love these for measuring turn-ins, and card and scrapbook makers love them for drawing or cutting borders. Glass artists put cork on the back to keep them from sliding. They're great for making metal mesh frames and so many other great projects.

Precision measurements without measuring! Check out some ideas

Bookbinder's Toolkit

Bookbinder's Toolkit
Level 1
$33.15 Take 10% off

Bookbinder's Toolkit Level 2
$48.40 Take 10% off

Bookbinder's Toolkit Level 3
$54.40 Take 10% off

Assembly Upgrade for Hole Punching Cradle

(shipped flat)


Beginning Bookbinder's Toolkit
Level 1

Now you can get into the art and craft of bookbinding by buying the Beginner's Toolkit. It comes with the basic tools you'll need to complete our book kits or to make books from 'scratch.'

Levels 2 and 3 come with our famous 9" measuring rules


Level 1

  • Light duty awl
  • Glue brush
  • Standard hole punching cradle
    (assembly upgrade $7.00*)
  • 6" Bone folder
  • Large eye needle
  • 1 oz. Bar beeswax

Level 2

  • Everything in level 1
  • 1 Set 9" measuring rules

Level 3

  • Everything in levels 1 and 2
  • Book board assortment (enough to make 2 books: 8 3/4" X 5 3/4" and 2 books: 5 3/4" X 4 1/2")

* The cradle is not difficult to assemble, however you will need to cut 2 slits in dense book board. People who have difficulty with this task should consider the assembly upgrade and we'll take care of everything for you.


4 pieces per package

A note about shipping: We try to ship book board by media mail whenever we can. It is much cheaper than priority, and book board is heavy. Our shopping cart doesn't understand media mail so if there is a significant difference in your authorized and actual shipping costs, you will receive a delightful email from me telling you that I refunded the difference. -- Christine Cox

Genuine Davey Board

It's the most popular board on the market for a reason! Used by binders and instructors everywhere. Drill it. Cut windows in it. Lace tapes or cord through it. Attach furnishings to it. It's the board we use here in the Volcano Arts Studio.

  • .080" ( 2.00 mm) (1/12")
  • 100% recycled
  • pH neutral ("acid-free")
  • High density, single-ply construction
  • Suitable for all hard-cover book and box construction

Also great for albums, ring binders, decorative boxes, scale model making, game boards and more

At present we have our standard sizes for sale on the website. If you'd like a custom size, please email us for a quote. We'll need the size, grain direction and number of pieces required.

Book Board Size

Price (4)


20.5" X 15"


8.75" X 5.75"


5.75" X 4.5"


6" X 4"


5.5" X 5.5"


4" X 3"


3.5" X 3.5"



Book Cloth

Colors may appear different on your monitor. May we suggest that you buy our Book Cloth Swatch Sheet?

Japanese Book Cloth 1

  • All of our high quality book cloth is made in Japan

  • Colors may appear differently on your monitor. Please allow for variations.

  • Size is 20" X 36" (grain long)

  • 100% rayon

$9.45 / yard

Cherry Red


Forest Green

 Green book cloth






Premium Japanese Book Cloth 2

  • All of our high quality book cloth is made in Japan

  • Colors may appear different on your monitor. Please allow for variations.

  • Size is 20" X 36" (grain long)

  • 75% rayon, 25% linen

$12.00 / yard

Cappuccino Tan


Premium Japanese Book Cloth 3

  • All of our high quality book cloth is made in Japan

  • Colors may appear differently on your monitor. Please allow for variations.

  • Size is 20" X 36" (grain long)

  • 70% rayon, 30% linen (beautiful linen texture)

$22.50 / yard




Moiré Book Cloth

This gorgeous moiré fabric has a sprayed moisture barrier on the back and is perfect for covering your most elegant books and boxes. The colors are rich and vibrant.

  • Sapphire and Wedgwood:
    ~24" X 37" (including selvedge)

  • Ming red:~36" X 20" (including selvedge)

    Colors may appear different on your monitor. May we suggest that you buy our Book Cloth Swatch Sheet?




Ming Red

Book Cloth Swatch Sheet

Care to see all the colors of our book cloth? We'll send you a swatch sheet with every color in stock on it. Free domestic shipping. International orders will be charged $2.00 shipping.

Book Cloth Swatch Sheet

International customers , we will contact you by email before shipping your order for payment of the shipping amount on this item.

Check out the tips and information about Book Cloth in our Idea Center

Christine Cox

Braided Spine Journal Kit

This is great! I really appreciate how helpful and flexible you are. I see the beginning of a long working relationship...  :)
-- Kaidra

 Binder's Thread

Note: Colors on your monitor will be different than real life. Please allow for differences.

Related Link:

12-Ply Waxed Binder's Thread

For use as raised supports in sewing books or for basket weaving, this 12-ply thread is very thick. It is waxed Irish linen thread and coordinates with the corresponding colors of 4-Ply Thread that we carry.
10 yards (enough to use as sewing thread or as raised cords on several average-sized books). Also wonderful in gourd art.


Here I've used our 12-Ply Linen Thread
as raised supports.

There's a photo of another beautiful book with raised bands on the spine here



In the collection of Francesca Fuller

Christine Cox

This full goat leather book was sewn over our 12-Ply Waxed Linen Thread

The inlay on the front is sterling silver and enamel. In the collection of Francesca Fuller


4-Ply Waxed Thread Color Samplers

Our linen samplers are made of 2 yards each of 4-ply waxed Irish linen thread in the 3 colors noted. They are color coordinated so that you can use them in separate books or in the same book.

Depending on the size and stitch of your book, each sampler has enough thread to make as many as 3 books (or more if you are making miniatures).

You'll find full spools of thread here

Thread samplers
$5.00 each


The best of the garden; Rose, lavender and plum

Summer Memories:

In the background of our favorite summer memories; lovely shades of green


Elegance is all about style; black, charcoal gray and slate gray

Stars and Stripes:

Yep, it's patriotic red, white and blue!

Wine Country:

The colors of the wine country; burgundy, leaf green and plum

In Your Words

I can't believe what a great website...I am very anxious to try my hand at bookbinding and I am extremely impressed with your supply of tools. VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!!
-- V. (by email)


Almost good enough to eat; chocolate, walnut and oatmeal


Beautiful greens; emerald, new green and forest

The Yellows:

Friendly and warm; lemon, butterscotch and autumn


Easter, babies and the wonderful tones of handmade paper; robin egg, lavender and pink


3 light variegated colors; denim, lavender, olive

Ocean Breeze:

You can almost smell the salt; turquoise, teal, green


Dark, rich jewel-tone colors; blue, forest green and dark rust


You can just feel those island breezes; teal, salmon and sunshine


The colors of Idaho; sky blue, sand and sage brush

Fall Leaves:

Wonderful earth tones; rust, butterscotch and dark brown


Colors of the desert sunset; rose, turquoise and lavender

The Blues:

A range of blues from light to dark


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Christine Cox

I wanted this miniature book sewn with proportionately light thread so I used our2-ply waxed thread. The book is The Language of Selected Flowers and Plants. The covers are enameled copper and the spine is goat skin.
(1-13/16" H X 2" W)


2-Ply Waxed Linen Thread

For those times when you don't need the bulk of a thicker thread, we carry 2-ply waxed Irish linen thread. It's perfect for cased-in books.
110-125 yards. 18/2-ply

50 grams / $19.00


Book Corners

Beautiful metal corners protect the corners of your precious (or just cool and good looking) books. Simply place them where you want them and then gently tap them with a mallet. We recommend a Rawhide Mallet, but your steel hammer will work in a pinch (just be sure to protect the corners with a piece of leather or something). Engraved Silver Plate, Brass or Nickel Silver.

$6.50 / 4

Nickel Silver




I LOVE looking at all the ideas on your site and recommended it to my fellow students in my "Book Arts" class. -- Judy S.

Binding Needles

Ideal for bookbinding, these needles are super strong and have extra large eyes so that they won't strip the wax off your thread. They are slightly blunted at the tip so that you won't pierce your paper. We've had reports that in classrooms full of bent needles, ours held up.
2 1/8" Long

6 / $6.75

1 / $1.50

Curved Sewing Needles

Some people swear by a curved needle for sewing link stitches (i.e. Coptic). These curved needles are high quality, rust-resistent and English.

2 / $5.00

Endband (AKA 'Headband')

Endband sold by the foot. Ours are silk threads woven onto string or cane centers and fastened to cotton tape. Overall width is approx. 5/8". Use them at the head and tail of your cased in books for a finished look that will keep dust out of the spine. Also great when making altered books for a nice detail.





Mull (AKA super, crash)

A sized cotton 'cheesecloth' used for lining spines and connecting cover boards. Standard weave. Use it when sewing over tapes or when you just need extra strength at the spine. Can also be used to strengthen joint when making album or stab-bound books.

$1.30 / Approx. ~100 sq. in.

Artificial Sinew

Use artificial sinew for sewing your coolest books, especially those over raised supports. We carry it in a 20 yd. bobbin in either black or natural (shown).

20 yd. Bobbin

Screw Posts

Aluminum Screw Posts

Beautiful wedding albums, guest books and photo albums are bound using these aluminum screw posts. They are reusable so that you can add and remove pages from your album whenever you need to. It's the easiest way to bind a book! 3 lengths available.

The 5mm tip for our Japanese Screw Punch is just the right size for screw posts!

  • 1/2"

  • 3/4"

  • 1"

10 / $4.25

Screw Post Extensions

(1/2" aluminum)
Has your photo collection outstripped the length of the screw posts in your album? We now carry 1/2" Screw Post Extensions to make your albums 1/2" thicker. Can be used with our Floral Screw Posts as well as with our Aluminum Screw Posts

$4.00 / 10


Methyl Cellulose

This powder mixes easily with cold water and with PVA and other adhesives. It is non-staining, will not discolor paper, will not decompose in dry or liquid state and is not affected by heat or freezing. Forms a highly flexible bond but is a weak adhesive by itself. Great for increasing open time when using PVA (it dries slowly so you have more time to work). It's perfect for making paste papers and marbling size.
Viscosity: 1900-2200 cps, pH 7.0.

1/4 lb. / $7.25

We have recipes and tips for using our methylcel

PVA Adhesive

Acid free (pH neutral) bookbinding adhesive. We are very proud of the quality of our adhesive and of our bottles. We pay a little extra for an easy-pour top which can be cut down to pour at the rate that you want. No little dishes lying around with dried up adhesive in the bottom!

5 oz.

8 oz.

32 oz. Refill

Note: PVA will last much longer if you keep the cap on and keep your brush out. Either use our squirt bottle (5 and 8 oz. bottles), or pour just what you need into a separate dish, and then throw away any leftovers.

We cannot guarantee PVA if it freezes so we recommend not purchasing it outside California between 11/1 and 4/1. If you order it we will ship it, we just can't guarantee it.

Our 5 oz. and 8 oz. come in squeeze bottles with easy-pour tops. Our 32 oz. refill size comes with a plain screw top.

  • No Solvents

  • pH neutral

  • We have tips and Technical information about our PVA


Wheat Starch Paste

A general purpose bookbinding adhesive for use on paper, binders board and leather. Suitable for paper-to-paper adhesion such as bookplates, hinging, repairing torn pages and corners. It's a precooked powder; dissolves easily in cold water and can also be mixed with PVA or methyl cellulose. It's the best choice for working with your finest leather. Wheat Paste is acidic, pH 6-6.5 (measured in a 70% slurry). To buffer it, add 10% (by weight) of calcium carbonate.

$7.50 / 1/4 lb.

We have recipes and tips for using our wheat starch paste

Cheap Glue Brush

These are 1" brushes with wooden handles. They are great for casual bookbinding and inexpensive enough to consider disposable.


90¢ ea.

Did you ruin your brush with PVA? Learn how to save it.

Sally Monahan has a great tip for us: Buy 2 brushes and cut the bristles on one down to about 1" long. Now you have a short, stiff brush for pounding glue between signatures as well as your longer-bristled, general purpose glue brush.

Binding tape is for use on
the frame or off

Linen Binding Tape

3/8" wide - Dutch. Unbleached and un-sized for hinging, sewing and tying. Perfect for case bound and laced books.

70% linen, 30% Cotton

1 Foot / $1.40

5 Foot / $6.50


1 oz. of nature's finest. Use beeswax to keep your thread from fraying and tangling while you sew. It's also great for smoothing the edges of leather book covers for a finished look and feel. It's organic, naturally!

1 oz. / $3.50




Preferred by fine bookbinders for their cutting accuracy and exquisite sharpness, these scalpels are made of surgical steel and come with 5 blades. Both handles use size # 24 (curved) or # 25 (straight) replacement blades.

Caution: these knives are sharp, sharp, sharp and do not come with a case (although it would be fun to make one from polymer clay). Please handle with great care. We recommend storing the blades in our

Plastic Tubes

Replacement Scalpel Blades
Our #24 and #25 blades fit both of our scalpel handles.

Package of 5 Replacement Blades

Package of 25 Replacement Blades

Directions for changing scalpel blades
are in the Idea Center

# 25




#4 Scalpel Handle w/5 Blades

 #6 Scalpel Handle w/5 Blades

Hole Punching Cradle Kit

Perfectly aligned holes are the reward for using this inexpensive, easy-to-use and essential cradle. Made of genuine acid-free, 100% recycled Davey brand book board. The cradle measures 15" end-to-end and will accommodate signatures up to 11-1/2" long.


If you can't or don't want to cut 2 narrow slits in book board, I recommend that you buy the assembled Hole Punching Cradle.


(shipped flat)

Click image for larger view

This 'Knotting Awl' is perfect for punching holes in your text sections, especially when you are using light threads.

Light Duty Awl

The perfect size awl for most lighter weights of thread. It's one of Christine's favorites and the one she uses in most classes. It comes packaged in a plastic safety tube so that you can safely carry it with you (although not in your carry-on luggage at the airport).



Check out Christine's blog post
on how to customize your awl.

Medium Duty Awl

A good bookbinding awl has a straight, un-tapered shaft made of strong steel. A comfortable handle makes it a joy to use. This awl is best for heavier bookbinding threads.

1 / $6.00

6" Plastic Tubes (2)

These 6" long X 1/2" plastic tubes are just the ticket for storing so many things. You can cut them down with regular scissors and customize them for everything from needles to an awl. Corral your eyelets and shepherd your beads. Buy several, once you get started, you'll find a million uses for them! They come with a very secure cap so you don't need to worry about losing your stuff.

2 for $1.50

Scalpel blades, tips for Japanese Screw Punch, drill bits, saw blades, awls; you'll find a million uses for these tubes! Easily cut them to size with scissors. They are essential for traveling with your art supplies.