Bookbinding: The Thomas Hoard

A couple of weeks ago I taught a class on Gothic-style book furniture/hardware. My student, Kath Thomas, did amazing work! In spite of having a cold, and having never worked in metal before, Kath was quite prolific and produced what I like to call The Thomas Hoard. I have to say, Kath’s energy is inspiring! Great job, Kath!

Check out her beauties.

1. Etched corners (most with bezel-set stones, one made to wrap around wooden board)
2. Anchor and catch plates (practice)
3. Etched strap with soldered ring for peg
4. Textured boss
5. Etched and pierced fastening with bezel-set stone and soldered peg
6. Shovel strap and anchor plates

October 25, 2012