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 Journaling Articles

The Workhorse Journal: Part 3
By Christine Cox
The book form suggests order, chronology. Break those repressive bonds! Let your journal reflect your real life, in all its chaotic, smudged, torn, happy, tense, artistic, dreary and creative forms. It will be a much better tool and, since it will reflect your life, it will mean so much to you and others who may read it later.

The Workhorse Journal: Part 2
By Christine Cox
After years of journaling Iím always on the lookout for the "perfect" journal. Iím in the process of designing my idea of the Ultimate Journal and here are my thoughts on the design requirements for a workhorse journal.

The Workhorse Journal: Part 1
By Christine Cox
Are my journals beautiful? Not exactly, but they corral my lists, my observations, my ideas, my experiments and all the other little details that make my life so rich. Liberal use of tape flags helps!

Artist Journals: Personal Interpretation
A call for art produced wonderful journals of all shapes, sizes and themes.

Journaling as Process Art: a Rant
Christine Cox
I love artistic journals and honor the work that goes into them and maybe someday I'll even produce one. In the meantime, here is my take on another kind of visual journaling.

Artist Journal as Paper Playground
Debbie Miller
How one artist found the inspiration to take the leap and start journaling.