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Faux Postage Template on a Computer

This issue's Project feature is from Penny Wessenauer. She has written directions for creating faux postage on a computer for use in your art. She's written two versions, one for users of Word and one for users of Works. Choose your word processing program and try it. Hint: it would be nice to email Penny for her address and send her some work you create this way.

Works Version Word Version

Penny is a sixth generation Californian, and was born in 1949. She has lived in Southern California since 1985, and spent 11 years in Pennsylvania prior to that. Her three years in Hawaii and a year and a half out in the Aleutian Islands off the mainland Alaska coast provided her and her family with the "island" living experience. She is retired from a job in the architectural field, and is currently exploring her artistic side with great relish! She has two children, a son, 25 and a daughter, 28.  She and her husband  will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary later this year.