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Goddess of Radiant Pearls
by Christine Cox

This project was what I like to call a "graceful recovery." When I had the moon masked and the colors stippled on I didn't find the card compelling. By adding layer upon layer of clear embossing powder and Radiant Pearls I was able to like the card enough to share with you.Unfortunately, Radiant Pearls are no longer sold.

3" x 5" piece of white bond paper
Black glossy cardstock cut to size and scored to fold
Acey Deucy goddess stamp
Toybox moon stamp
Rubber Stampede moon stamps
#2 stipple brush
Clear embossing powder
Radiant Pearls in various colors
Small (#3 or so) paintbrush

Make a moon shaped mask from plain bond paper, being careful as you're cutting because you'll need the reverse mask too. Use the reverse mask (so that you have a moon shaped hole) and stamp the goddess and the large moons through the hole. Mask the goddess and then stipple Radiant Pearls to cover the entire moon shape. For this card I used a series of colors progressing through shades of yellow and orange; from sour lemon to pumpkin spice. Remove the masks and detail paint the goddess (angel face and a little raspberry kiss on her cheeks). Using clear powder, emboss the entire image. 

Now mask the moon and stipple shades of blue and green over the rest of the piece of paper. Stamp the small moons. Clear emboss the entire card. Using the same colors of Radiant Pearls as are in the rest of the card, splotch bits of color on top of the embossing powder. Clear emboss and then splotch some more paint. Clear emboss again.

For the background, use glossy black cardstock and splotch the same colors of Radiant Pearls as are in the front piece of the card. Clear emboss. Splotch some more paint on and then clear emboss again. 

Glue the front piece to the background.  The front piece has a great nubbly texture.

After Word (7/07): I wrote this article a long time ago and I don't think that Radiant Pearl paints are sold anymore. Feel free to use similar techniques and paints and have fun!