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The Collage Style of Margot Behsman
By Margot Behsman

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Margot's Bio

Margot's work is beautiful and highly informed by other periods and other artists. These collages use images from between the 1100s and the 1500s.  A few are from the early to high Renaissance and several use Giotto's work from the 1200s.

The first step for me in making a collage is the general idea. Once I have decided on a theme I do the color selection next. This means taking out all of my papers, foils and the general images that I will be using. I than check through, any of the embellishments that I have. Any embossing powders, the various metal leafing, sealing wax, dried flowers, wires , beads, Metallic Rub-ons, and paints (dry powders and others)….

The next step would be choosing a backboard. I do like colored mat board. I don’t know why I tend to choose colored mat board because I cover it all any way! Any painting that I do than I usually do on smooth (hot pressed) watercolor paper.. I can run the paint or marble it and have it appear otherworldly! I do LOVE color! I also like detailed imagery, I guess that for me Less is not More---- More is More. I want to look at something that keeps on bringing me back into the picture, something that holds my interest and keeps me finding new things.

Once I have done the previous planning the easy part starts and that is fitting everything together. To me it's like a puzzle.. Once you have all the parts the fun begins. I lay the items out and when I like one layer I advance to the next layer and so on until I can get to the real embellishments. Once the planning is completed it is a matter of gluing the layers on and for that I use a matte medium. I work pretty quickly on this and for any imagery out of a book I do a copy and cut or tear it out … I never use the original. I don’t care for the shiny look of some of the printed papers so I like to copy the image and make it work with all the other papers.

After the gluing is done the other embellishments are added… this is the really fun part. The dried flowers and metallic rub ons and mixed metal leaf … I have used in these boxes and collages also… Also I have used embossing powders and Liquid Glass. After this is done … I step back and look at the collage and see if it looks right or needs any thing more for the balance or composition. I leave the collage standing up in an area so I can go back and look several times (this may take a week) to make sure it is right for me.