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Following are selected photos and scans from Christine Cox's Torch soldering classes. There are also some scans of Christine's work.
Click any image for a larger view.

Photos from Torch Soldering Classes

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Hot and Cold Bead Classes

Nancy Parker

Francesca F.

Nancy Parker

Kathy Collins

Cheryl Rieck

Torch Soldering Classes

Kathy Collins
Copper and sterling

Francesca F.

Lauri B.
Textured sterling

Lauri B.
Reticulated sterling

Yolanda Fuerer
Sterling, copper, lapis

Verna Smith
Sterling, lapis


Christine Cox

Lauri B.
Textured sterling, onyx

Melody Nail
Sterling, onyx, jasper

Nancy Parker

Nancy Parker
Sterling, keum-boo (gold),

Verna Smith
Textured sterling, keum-boo (gold), glass, onyx

Lauri B.
Sterling Silver

Lauri B.
Bracelet Links

Copper, sterling silver

Nancy Parker
2 Necklaces
Sterling Silver, Copper, Glass

Alabama roots us on with great gusto!

Ronnie Grundset
Butterfly Brooch
Sterling Silver, Copper

(L-R) Lauri B., Jan Ostridge, Nancy Parker, Karen, Ronnie

Lentil beads all around!

Ronnie Grundset
Sterling silver, brass


Jan Ostridge

Karen Moran
Sterling silver

Lauri B.
Pillow bead
Sterling Silver

(I used to teach a class specifically about bracelets. The skills and projects are now incorporated into my Torch Technic class)

Lori Feldman

Nancy Brill

Lorna Lawson

Marilyn DePalma

Val Hill

Sterling, Copper, Brass, Stone (?)

Linda Castillo
Sterling, Copper, Nickel Silver, Brass, Stone (?)


Jane Armitage
Sterling, copper, brass, nickel silver, turquoise

Cheryl Stevens
Copper, nickel silver, steel, sterling

Holly Taylor
Sterling silver, copper, brass, stone, patina

Christine Cox

Sterling silver, copper, nickel silver jasper, patina

Joanna Pierotti
Sterling silver, copper, brass, nickel silver, stone (?), patina


Christine Cox
Asian Influence (sans clasp)
Sterling silver, nickel silver, brass, copper, lacquer, onyx

Ronnie Grundset
Sterling silver, copper, nickel silver, stone (?), patina

Christine Cox
Sterling silver, copper, nickel silver, paua shell, patina

Christine Cox
Sterling and fine silver
In the collection of Sally Monahan

Pam Landell

Bambi Stalder

Sally Monahan
Jeweled Box

Christine Cox
Home in Volcano
In the collection of Micky Noel

Artist: Christine Cox
Dinosaur Egg Box

Christine Cox
(Before oxidizing)

Etched and oxidized brass
In the collection of Francesca Fuller

Christine Cox
Sterling Silver and Jeweler's Bronze
Made in class with Brian Marshall


Suzanne Stalder-Mansur

Kim Kohler

Teena-Marie Yen
Top Knot

Christine Cox

Christine Cox
Cricket Box

Christine Cox
Box with Domed Lid

Christine Cox
Brass Bezel Box

Artist: Christine Cox
Good Luck Box

Christine Cox
In the collection of Jerra Banwarth