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The following is feedback from students about classes with Christine Cox.

Check out the class schedule:

The following testimonials are representative of those I get from my students. (Thank you, sweet friends)

Student Feedback


Thank you for a wonderful week! We accomplished my goals!

I'm not afraid of the torch, I'm thinking of more things to do with the torch, I'm looking for a place where I can practice the torch nearby!... I'd say mission accomplished!

You are a great instructor. I have learned so much from you and your "show me and I do" approach. Additionally you are so generous with your skills, techniques, and tips. I learn so much from you that I'm always excited to come back for more!

It's time for me to claim my new skills are not just a hobby. I have you to thank for that too.

I'm looking forward to next year!

-- Joanne P

You need to write a soup cookbook! Yummy! Already counting the days 'til I can get back here. Learned lots and my comfort level is exploding! Confidence in composition. Hurrah!

Words cannot express my gratitude to you Christine. You are an amazing teacher and person. I'm glad to know you! I will be back next year with bells on.

Great class. Lots of information.

--Nancy P.

Taking a private class from Christine Cox was an incredible experience. I came to the studio a rank beginner who was interested in metal art, but had absolutely zero knowledge about working with metal and barely any experience using tools. Over the course of two days, I worked on a project under Christine’s direction and came away with a piece of art that I am so proud of – along with enough confidence to begin working on projects on my own. I became much more comfortable with power tools - even using a torch. I am certain that intermediate or advanced students would increase their skills exponentially by taking her classes, but I want to personally encourage any “shy beginners” like me to take the step forward and sign up for a class or private lesson with Christine. You will be glad you did.

I had a blast and am looking forward to the next!

It was a great class, utilizing and learning both bookbinding and metalsmithing skills simultaneously. Was a good stretch as well as doing our own cutting. Class participants were great. I felt included by group.

Looking forward to next year's class. Thanks so much for a wonderful learning experience.

What a wonderful stress-free week. Can't wait to come back!

Thank you, Christine, for all the wonderful information you impart in my tiny little brain. I really feel like I accomplished bunches this week.

I learned everything I wanted to this week; how to use the torch, enameling, soldering and that round boxes are easier than square ones. I can hardly wait until Torch Technic in March.

What a great group! This was a fantastic trip that I totally enjoyed. The learning curve was huge and what I had learned by Friday was incredible.

I am already looking forward to the next trip.

The best compliment that I can give you is that when other people see what I have made while here, they think that I am a professional! Little do they know that it's just that you hold us to such high standards.

You've opened a new world for me! I love every class I've ever taken with you and will still be looking for more to come. I feel I have a great friend. Thank you for sharing your gift with me.

-- Nancy P.

I have just completed my 4th (5-day) class with Christine Cox at her Volcano Arts Studio.  I have learned so much from Christine over the last 4 years.  I learned how to etch on metal, how to bind books using metal, book cloth and leather, how to marble paper, and the safe and correct way to work with numerous tools and to feel safe using them.

At my last class, which just ended this September, I learned how to solder, make bezels and to set stones.  I learned far more in this class about soldering than I ever did when I took a jewelry/metal smith class at my local community college.  In Christine's class there are only 5 or 6 students per class with three soldering stations. Whereas, in the college class, there were at least 20+ students with only two soldering stations.  Also at Christine's studio, we each have our own work station which not only includes the tools that we will be working with to create our books, but we each also have our own flex shafts. 
Talk about individual/one-on-one attention: Christine has so much knowledge and patience.  She's probably heard the same questions many times over and yet she is always so patient.  I had always been very uncomfortable with my soldering techniques, but after working with Christine I have a new found "comfortableness." I highly recommend Christine's classes.  Christine Rocks!!!

I doubted my sanity a bit when I decided to travel across the country in order to take a 5 day bookbinding intensive.  That is a long way to travel to take classes, especially when you have never met the instructor.  All I can tell you, having returned home, is that my frequent flyer miles will be racking up!

The time I spent with you is an experience that I will never forget.  In fact I won't have to worry about that since I plan on returning again and again.  I didn't think it was possible to have so much fun and work so hard at the same time.  To say that you are incredibly generous with your time, knowledge, and supplies is an understatement.  I learned more in the first day than I expected to learn the entire week.  As far as I was concerned each day was a bonus!!

My hope in taking your intensive was to come home having learned a few new binding techniques and have some fun along the way. Well, that didn't even come close to what I learned.  Working with metal, leather, wood, torches, hammers, power tools, and 24 needles at once-- a creative fantasy come true!  You managed to combine all of my favorite media, teach me all kinds of new methods and ideas, and stimulated my creative juices for months to come.

The accommodations you arranged for us were incredible too!  The Volcano Union Inn was an experience in itself.  Laurie is an incredible cook and the rooms were fantastic.

Not only do I feel as though I met all of my creative goals in taking your intensive, I feel as though I have made a life-long friend. I look forward to seeing you next Spring.

I have taken two classes so far from Christine Cox at her Volcano Arts Studio.  Every class was what I expected, and more.  Christine is a true teacher and makes learning fun.  I came away with so much knowledge and confidence.   

The first class I took was her Etching class.  I was already etching on metal and wanted to become more proficient.  The kit and processes she uses for metal etching are so much easier and more fun than what I had been doing on my own.  I also learned the art of riveting and making metal book closures/clasps which really has added another dimension to the books I make. I was able to put all the processes together (etching, riveting, metal book clasp) and came out with a beautiful metal book cover (front/back).

I just completed her beginning bookbinding class.  My goal was to learn the professional way to cover, bind books, and learn the Coptic Stitch.  I came away with a beautifully bound book, covered with a purple Moiré material and completed with the Coptic Stitch.   

I have also enrolled in two more classes for the coming years.  I highly recommend anyone interested in beginning or furthering their knowledge in the areas of metalsmithing, bookbinding etc. sign up for a class from Christine Cox/Volcano Arts.

It's an investment in yourself!!

I traveled from Virginia to California to attend the bookbinding intensive. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this course. The class was designed to accommodate each of our different levels and Christine was an extremely thorough, knowledgeable, flexible and patient teacher. I definitely accomplished what I came for and more. I plan to travel back to Volcano for many years to come.