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Below are photos of the students and some of the projects from the Enamel Technic class.

Click on any thumbnail for a larger image.
Photos by Christine Cox unless otherwise specified.

Photos from Enamel Technic

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Class of March, 2010

Nancy in her Happy Place

Nancy takes a break

Groovy Nancy, Man

Nancy's work

Elena grinding enamel

Elena saws

Elena loves her work

Impromptu fold-forming demonstration

We were punchy by Friday

3 days after class ended (great timing)

Safety Woman!

Lauri without her OptiVisor
(a rare and beautiful thing)

Lauri and Francesca consult

Lauri enamels

Lauri's work

Francesca shows off her work

Francesca enamels

Francesca's work

Francesca and Nancy



Class of September, 2007
(FKA "Book Technic: Contemporary Treasure Bindings")

(Front: L-R) Pam (CA), Ronnie (FL), Christine (CA)
(Rear: L-R) Janice (CA), Vera (CA), Llewellyn (CA)

Janice's long term project is to finish this cover and to use it on a family bible. Look at those perfect enamels! I'll update this photo when the book is done.

Janice's perfect enamels

Llewellyn solders while Christine looks on

Ronnie sands her piece

Pam cuts paper

Helen hammers

Helen Wilkinson 9/07

Janice and Llewellyn bonded right away

Llewellyn is painting her wood

Llewellyn shows us her casual painting technique

Pam Hewitt 9/07
Pam diligently planned her project and came out with a beautiful book.

Pam is working on her design

Ronnie is working on her piece (with her poor sore arm)

Vera hammers her piece (everyone loved having their own work bench)

Janice is enameling

Llewellyn and Christine are great friends

Ronnie walked in with a design in her head and walked out with the finished dream. Her book features wooden covers, bezel-set stones, stamping, etching and sewing a chain stitch.

Llewellyn loves her book (and so do I!)

Ronnie sews her book

Janice's bright eyes and smile

Janice addresses the torch

Llewellyn Baker 9/07
Llewellyn brought stones with her and made bezels to fit.

Llewellyn has a great sense of humor

Pam looks like a pro in her OptiVisor and Vera is in the background soldering

Pam and Vera talk it over

Ronnie helped Llewellyn with a chain stitch while we all had smoothies. Yum!

Ronnie and Vera consult

Vera is taking a break.

Class of April, 2007

Lauri B.
(unfinished book cover with etched nickel silver and enamels on copper)

Lorna practices soldering while Nancy looks on

Sorry, I wasn't very good about taking photos during this class. Not pictured is Llewellyn Baker.


Cheryl is updating her soldering skills

Cheryl Stevens
(unfinished clock with bezel set stones, etched brass and cloisonné on copper)

Nancy solders

Class of November, 2007
(I used to teach a box-specific class, but all the skills and possibilities have now been incorporated into the Enamel Technic class)

(L - R) Lorna (CA), Helen (CA), Lauri (AK), Ronnie (FL), Nancy (MD), Christine (CA)

Helen solders

Helen Wilkinson

Helen and Lauri solder while Lorna uses another torch in the background

Lorna Lawson

Lorna uses a torch

Lorna Lawson

Lorna Lawson

Lorna uses a torch while Ronnie looks on

Nancy Parker

Nancy Parker

Nancy (L) and Ronnie consult

Nancy Parker

Nancy Parker

Nancy Parker

Nancy at her bench

Ronnie Grundset

Helen Wilkinson

Helen Wilkinson

Helen Wilkinson

Helen Wilkinson

Lauri at her bench

Lauri B.

Lauri B

Lauri B.

Lauri B

Ronnie Grundset

Ronnie Grundset

Ronnie Grundset

Ronnie Grundset

Ronnie Grundset

Ronnie Grundset

Christine Cox 12/06