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These bracelets have several links incorporating different techniques for learning or updating torch soldering skills. Make your own bracelet in the 'Torch Technic' class taught by Christine Cox.

Click any image for a larger view.

May, 2007

We love our bracelets! Class of May, 2007
(L - R) Lorna, Nancy, Lori, Marilyn, Christine

Lori Feldman

Lori uses her flex shaft

Nancy Brill

Lorna and Nancy concentrate

Marilyn working in the studio

Lorna Lawson

Lorna Lawson

Lorna Lawson

Lorna Lawson

Lorna Lawson

Marilyn DePalma

March, 2006

Val Hill
Sterling, Copper, Brass, Stone (?)


Jaunty Val

Linda Castillo 3/06
Sterling, Copper, Nickel Silver, Brass, Stone (?)


Cheryl Stevens 3/06
Copper, Nickel Silver, Steel, Sterling


Cheryl and Helen
(we now have individual jeweler's benches for each student)

Jane Armitage 3/06
Sterling, copper, brass, nickel silver, turquoise



(Front Row L - R) Linda Castillo, Valerie Hall
(Back Row L - R) Christine Cox, Helen Wilkinson, Jane Armitage, Cheryl Stevens


June, 2005

Holly Taylor 6/05
Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass, Stone, Patina

Holly Taylor

Christine Cox
Sterling Silver, Copper, Nickel Silver Jasper, Patina

Joanna Pierotti 6/05
Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass, Nickel Silver, Stone (?), Patina



Christine Cox 6/05
Asian Influence (sans clasp)
Sterling silver, Nickel silver, Brass, Copper, Lacquer, Onyx

Ronnie Grundset 6/05
Sterling Silver, Copper, Nickel Silver, Stone (?), Patina

Ronnie Grundset getting close to her soldering job

Christine Cox 6/05
Sterling Silver, Copper, Nickel Silver, Paua Shell, Patina