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Bead Blasted Glass Book

Christine Cox

This book is made from beveled glass that you will drill and then fire in an electric kiln. After the glass has cooled, you'll create a resist and then bead blast a design into the glass. Finally, you'll prepare the text paper and sew the final book!

Learning Opportunities:

Drilling glass and firing glass

Using an electric kiln, including how to set up and program a firing profile

Using a bead blaster and creating your own resists

Preparing text paper and sewing a book using a chain ("Coptic") stitch.

Carole Lamb

The usefulness of a book (and surprisingly durable!) mixed with the additional aesthetic of glass that's been fired at high temperatures.

This class is offered on an individual basis only. Please contact me to schedule a private class for 1 or 2 people.

Class hours: 9:00AM to 4:00PM
Price: $120.00/day/student
Number of days required: A minimum of 3 days should be planned. An additional day should be added if you like to take your time or if you want to learn other skills in the class.
Bring a bag lunch or make an arrangement ahead of time and we'll supply lunch ($10/day)


Sally Monahan

This class is necessarily very personalized. The glass requires long firing times which need to be planned around. Please form an idea in your mind of what you'd like to learn so that we can plan ahead of time. In addition to glass, I teach classes in bookbinding and metalsmithing (jewelry and book hardware) and I'm happy to incorporate those into class.