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Traveler Journal Kits

Natural canvas painted with gesso and acrylic paint (see more photos of this book below)


This sample was made from the natural Li'l Traveler kit. The texture on the left is a torn doily that I glued with acrylic gel medium to the canvas before painting with acrylic paints.

What's in the kit

  • Canvas Cover
  • Canvas Paste Down
  • Book Boards
  • 70 lb. Text Paper
  • Heavy Waxed Linen Thread
  • Velcro
  • Sewing Jigs
  • Step-by-Step Instructions

What you'll need


Buy any book kit and the bonus kit is yours for only $4.00 (a $4.75 value).

  • 1 oz. block beeswax

  • 1 large-eye binding needle

Bonus Kit

Here are a couple of hardware details I've added to the Li'l Traveler kits I've assembled.

Functional closure, hand-fabricated

Here I've taped a grid onto the black canvas. The grid serves as a resist to the paint I'll apply.
-- Christine Cox

The real value of a great journal is measured in durability and ease-of-use. The Traveler and Li'l Traveler are 2 books that you can count on during a rough trip or for day-to-day business. They are full of thoughtful extras like a flap that doubles as a closure or page marker, heavy text paper to minimize bleed-through and Velcro closures to keep the book closed and to protect the paper within. The books open flat for comfortable writing.

The books are also a springboard for creativity. Both come in either natural (off-white) or black canvas that you can paint and stamp for your own distinctive look. Using gesso and your acrylic paints helps resist water and staining. We also offer the kit in black/khaki hard-wearing denim. That's more practicality than one usually expects from such a beautiful book. Accent your journal with some of those fantastic beads you've been hording and it becomes a personalized favorite. Check out some samples in our Idea Center.

The original Traveler features 2 blocks of  text weight paper. Li'l Traveler has 1 block of text weight paper.

Shown here is our black Original Traveler. Note the 2 text blocks and the protective flap closure. This sample was painted with Lumiere acrylic paints using torn masking tape as a mask.

Available in the following 3 great colors:



(black side)

(khaki side)

Difficulty rating:

Original Traveler
8 3/4" X 5 3/4"

Li'l Traveler
4" X 6"


Purely decorative - purchased


I love how the closed journal looks like a clutch

Opened to show one text block

Opened to show both text blocks