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6-Needle English
Book Kit

What's in the kit

  • Decorative Paper for Covers
  • Paper for Paste Downs
  • 3 Colors Thread
  • Text Paper
  • Book Board
  • Sewing Jig
  • Step-by-Step Directions

What you'll need

Reminiscent of beautiful tin ceilings, this book kit features a heavily embossed English paper for the cover and a binding (6-needle Coptic) that takes 6 needles to sew! It's a fun challenge and a beautiful book. The text paper is 70 lb. so it's nice and heavy. The finished book has 192 pages for writing out all your thoughts. The white paper is gorgeous but can be painted for durability.

Difficulty rating:


Finished journal size (approximate):
8 5/8" X 5 3/4"

Buy any book kit and the bonus kit is yours for only $4.00 (a $4.75 value).

  • 1 oz. block beeswax

  • 1 large-eye binding needle

Bonus Kit