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Waxed Irish Linen Thread
4-Ply | 18 | ~ 100 yds (50gms)

36 beautiful, rich colors

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Bookbinding Idea Center


50 gram spools (approx. 100 yd. - enough to make lots and lots of books)

Size 18/4-ply, high quality, waxed Irish linen thread

Colors will vary from lot to lot and also may look different on your monitor. Please allow for color differences, and order extra for large projects.

(6 spools earns free U.S. shipping!)

$19.00 / Spool

Color Sample Card only $5.00
(comes with sample of every thread color)

International customers, we will contact you by email before shipping your order for payment of the shipping amount on the sample card (if additional shipping is necessary).

50 grams / $19.00
Natural white only
110-125 yards. 18/2-ply

Temporarily out of stock

(Sorry, temporarily out of stock)

(Sorry, temporarily out of stock)

Brown, Dark Chocolate
(Temporarily out of stock)

Brown, Walnut

Gray, Charcoal

Gray, Slate

Red, Country

Red, Maroon

White, Snow

White, Natural
Plies: 2, 4 (Both plies temporarily out of stock)


Green, Dark Emerald

Green, Dark Forest

Green, Mint
(Temporarily out of stock)

Green, Olive

Green, Sage
(Temporarily out of stock)

Blue, Denim

Blue, Navy

Blue, Robin Egg

Blue, Royal

Blue, Teal

Blue, Turquoise
(Temporarily out of stock)

Blue , Williamsburg

Pink, Magenta

Pink, Fuchsia
(Temporarily out of stock)

Pink, Light Rose
(Temporarily out of stock)

Pink, Victorian Rose


Yellow, Lemon

Yellow, Bright Autumn

Yellow, Country
(light chartreuse)


Purple, Lavender
(Temporarily out of stock)

Purple, Plum

Rust, Dark

Rust, Light