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This book measures 4" X 3" and is made from cedar and copper. The cedar was carved so that the copper could be inlaid on the front and on the back. The copper is riveted to the wood with copper wire. The stitch the book is sewn with is the Greek stitch (Keith Smith). The book is "Peter Pan" made from our Books in Sheets.

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Wood and Copper Book
By Christine Cox

Cedar, Copper, Waxed Linen Thread, Paper, Patinating Solution
This is the novel "Peter Pan" (one of our Books in Sheets) bound with a Greek stitch (Keith Smith). The inlaid copper is not only decorative, it functions as part of a clasp. The copper was etched in our Etching Tank.


Greek stitch

Clasp detail

Front and fore-edge

Clasp detail

Front and clasp

Clasp detail